Winter DIY Crafts and Projects – 15 Best Winter Activities Ideas

Sure, playing outside the snow is fun and all but it is understandable where there are days you just want to stay inside your home and light a fire in your fireplace. However, it is also important to keep your kids entertained during the wintertime! Here are some DIY winter activities and winter crafts your kids will enjoy.

15. Winter Decorating Idea Using Repurposed Light Globes

Do you decorate your home for the winter? Will you be on the hunt for these glass globes now too? I mean how cute is that!?! Warms the heart on a cold day.

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14. Easy Flame Free DIY Snowman Luminaries for Kids

Let’s dive right in and find out how to make these easy DIY snowman luminaries.

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13. DIY Reusable Hand Warmers

I’m going, to be honest, sometimes my hands are cold. Like really really cold. And I need a hand warmer that will last more than one or two uses. But I hate buying those silly plastic ones that, while super hot (sometimes too hot) and fun for the kids, just don’t seem to stand up to the test of time.

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12. How To Make A No-Sew Fleece Hat

With winter coming, I’m all about making some fun and simple ways to stay cozy. That’s why we are showing you how to make a no-sew fleece hat! This project is super easy to make. No sewing required, and you get a pom-pom, a fun cuff, and a really warm hat!

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11. How To Make A Winter Headband For Women

In this simple sewing tutorial, you’re going to learn how to make a winter headband for women. With the harsh winter weather coming up quickly, it’s a perfect time to start getting prepared. Covering up your head and your ears is a great way to stop earaches and sicknesses from happening.

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10. Upcycle An Old Sweater Into A Cute Sweater Vase

Upcycling is not only a green choice that saves money but it also makes it so easy to coordinate items to match your current home decor and theme. Some items, like this upcycled sweater vase, can be altered every season or holiday to make it a year round decoration.

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9. Snowflake Mason Jar Vases

Sprucing up your home for the winter months can give you a fresh outlook, a great way to start the new year! These pretty snowflake mason jars are perfect as a centerpiece, on shelves, or part of your winter mantel.

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8. DIY Wood Block Snowman: Reversible Cricut Winter Craft

An Easy DIY Wood Block Snowman craft perfect for winter. Use a Cricut to make this a reversible Christmas decoration out of 4X4 blocks.

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7. Popsicle Stick Winter Bucket List

Learn how to make this Popsicle Stick Winter Bucket List Craft and Activity to enjoy during the winter months!

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6. Winter Curled Paper Snowflakes

Bring the winter indoors! Learn how to make Winter Curled Paper Snowflakes this winter season.

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5. DIY Winter Snowflake Soap Recipe

Bring the winter indoors this season with this DIY Winter Snowflake Soap Recipe! This recipe is fun and easy to make. Plus, you can get creative and customize the scents and colors of these bars.

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4. Milk Jug Snowman Craft

Create this adorable Milk Jug Snowman Craft to display in your home this holiday season!

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3. Pom Pom Scarf

I saw a pom pom scarf on instagram about a year ago and wanted it immediately. Two problems: it was $100, and the colors in it were…well, less cute than the colors I’d have chosen. So, I decided to make my own customized vegan dollhouse pom pom scarf.

Check it here.

2. How To Make Fabric Corner Bookmark

I love reading, it is one of my favourite pastimes and find it so relaxing, especially in winter when its cold outside you can instantly transform into a new place with a book. One thing I don’t like doing is folding down the pages.

Check it here.

1. Finger Knitting Ear Warmers – How To

I really enjoy finger knitting projects! They are easy to do for kids, don’t require any special supplies, and thankfully, isn’t a messy project.

Check it here.

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