15 Best DIY Snowmen Crafts Ideas – Creative Snowmen to Make!

How do you make a snowman out of household items?

The Christmas season is nearing and if you live in an area where winter is prevalent, then you will definitely see signs of the start of snow. And what better way to welcome the Christmas season with a few droplets of snow and a few snowmen and snow angels? However, if you live in a place where there is no winter or snow at all (maybe you live in a tropical country) then do not worry because you can still make your own snowman! And before you say anything, no, you do not need to buy a snowman kit or new items from the store. You can make your own snowman by repurposing or recycling some of the stuff you have at home! 

  • Pumpkin snowman. It is common knowledge that Thanksgiving celebrations come first before Christmas. So this means you will probably have a lot of pumpkin leftover or unused pumpkin decor lying around. But before you throw them away, you can actually repurpose it to make a snowman! Simply paint them white and stack them on top of each other, draw or put the snowman details (eyes, nose, scarves), and you’re done!
  • Socks. If you want to get really crafty, then get a few pair of socks, stock them with some rice or cotton ball, stack or sew them together, add some snowman details, and you’re done! 
  • Light bulbs. Do you have a few old light bulbs lying around? Did you know they can make great ornaments? Specifically snowman ornaments! Paint your light bulbs with white or clear paint, add snowman details such as face, scarf, hat, and you’re done!
  • Balls of string or twine. If you have a few balls of string or twine lying around, then you can glue them together and paint them into a mini snowman! 
  • Bottle caps. Another way to make new items from recycled materials is by getting some used bottle caps, glue them together, paint, and affix a length of string on the top for hanging. 
  • Paper. Creating your snowman from paper is definitely the easiest way and one where your kids can do and enjoy! You can either let them draw or paint their own snowman, or do a cut-out snowman piece from paper! 
  • Papier-mâché. Another easy way to make your own snowman is through a papier-mache! This can also serve as a great family Chrismas activity.
  • Popsicle sticks. Get creative with a few popsicle sticks and turn them into a snowman! You can use these snowman sticks to hang on your door!                                                             

Christmas snowman crafts

Christmas crafts are definitely an activity that you can do with your family this holiday! And what better way to decorate your home than with a few DIY snowmen! With that said, here are some Christmas snowman crafts you and your family will enjoy.


15. DIY Wine Cork Snowman Ornaments

What I love about the homemade snowman ornaments is that it really can be used for so many different things during the holidays.

Check it here.

14. Simple Ideas For A Fun Winter Snowman Mantel

Sharing fun winter decorating ideas for your mantel with a snowman theme.

Check it here.

13. Easy Snowman Fingerprint Christmas Craft

This week I am going to be doing a craft with my daughters class. It’s part of their Christmas party. I didn’t want to do another ornament craft but I love when my kids bring home something with their fingerprints.

Check it here.

12. Mason Jar Snowman Craft

We are often holiday crafting because it’s fun to make things to give to friends and family for Christmas. This mason jar snowman is no different. Simply filled with homemade treats or store bought candy, this snowman would make the perfect gift!

Check it here.

11. Jolly Snowman Christmas Wreath

I am back today with this super cute (and EASY) Jolly Snowman Christmas Wreath. Snowmen melt my heart. I guess better mine than theirs, right? I love snowmen. So much so, that I have snowmen displayed throughout my home during the Christmas season.

Check it here.

10. Snowman Wine Cork Ornaments

Wine cork snowman ornaments are an easy Christmas craft project great for adults and children alike. Plus, they are a great way to reuse old wine corks!

Check it here.

9. Rustic Snowman Ornament Gift

Our tree is up and it is beginning to look quite festive in our house! We made another tree ornament, this rustic snowman. It is intended to be a gift, but I love it so much now I don’t want to give it away!

Check it here.

8. DIY Minimalist Snowman Turns Back into IKEA Baskets After Christmas!

Do you struggle with wanting to create amazing crafts for every season, but feel like you just don’t have the time or space? Well, today I am going to show you how to create an adorable minimalist snowman using IKEA nesting baskets.

Check it here.

7. How to Make an Adorable Frosty The Snowman

I’m singing Frosty The Snowman was a jolly, happy soul at the top of my lungs because this DIY project reminds me of Frosty The Snowman and it’s so easy to put together. I’m showcasing one of these today, but I’m making several of them for a Christmas party I’m hosting on December 8th.

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Check it here.

6. DIY Recycled Snowman Craft

With the holidays fast approaching… we bring you a recycled DIY Snowman Craft that is great for easy holiday decor!

Check it here.

5. How To Make A DIY Scrap Wood Snowman Family

Nothing beats a good scrap wood project idea that is perfect for your Christmas decor. This little DIY scrapwood snowman family makes my heart warm like hot chocolate!

Check it here.

4. Snowman Doughnut Pops

As I was looking over the Christmas ideas on Spell Outloud, I noticed that she had printables on the “Trinity Snowman”. How clever! I got it instantly- 3 snowballs, one snowman. How fun! So we made these adorable snowman doughnut pops to illustrate the point, and have a yummy treat.

Check it here.

3. Winter Craft Ideas for Kids Snowman

Isn’t this snowman adorable? Sometimes craft ideas just work out exactly how you had hoped. I made this snowman with my kids for a winter decoration for our house. We had so much fun creating it, that we ended up making a few extra.

Check it here.

2. Snowman & Elf Bookmark Christmas Craft + More Fun Holiday Kid Craft Ideas

There is something special about a Christmas gift made by a young child. Any family member will be happy to receive a Christmas present made with love. Today I’m sharing a fun bookmark Christmas craft as well as 3 more fun ideas for kids holiday crafts.

Check it here.

1. DIY Wood Snowman

I needed a fun Christmas porch decoration the kids could help me make, they’re addicted to helping with projects. So we decided to make this fun DIY wood snowman. It’s an easy build, that is not only cute but is surprisingly sturdy. The kids loved putting his little scarf on and have already made it a habit to tell him goodbye on the way to school every morning! So funny.

Check it here.

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