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You may have done a complete cleaning or decluttering of your home, resulting in a large amount of rubbish to dispose of. However, before you fill your trash cans, examine if the “junk” you’re going to toss away can still be recycled, so you may produce less garbage for the environment! An old jar, can, or cardboard box may be used for a variety of projects. Everything’s only a matter of cleaning it up and becoming creative.

With that said, if you need ideas on how to make crafts from trash, I’ve put together a list of 15 recycled DIY projects you can easily do! 

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15. How To Make An Adorable Hedgehog Out Of Succulents

Hedgehogs are one of our best-loved mammals here in the UK, and most people would be delighted to find one snuffling around their flower beds. Since they are both nocturnal and in decline, it is sadly a rare treat to catch a glimpse of one in the wild. But there’s nothing to stop you making your own little prickly friend. Here is how to make an adorable succulent hedgehog out of succulents and a beer bottle!

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14. How To Make A Recycled Notebook Or Art Journal

I love a good notebook, I have several on the go at any one time with different ones for to do lists, craft project ideas, birthday gift lists etc. We’ve had a quite a few more parcels delivered during the lockdown than usual and therefore have more packaging to deal with. I’ve always on the lookout for new ways to reuse or repurpose it so I’ve combined my love of upcycling with my love of notebooks to bring this make your own completely recycled notebook idea.

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13. DIY Desk Organizer Out of Cereal Boxes

Upcycling cereal boxes at home can be a lot of fun. Especially when you make an organizer that’s actually useful. This is a full tutorial on how to make a DIY desk organizer out of cereal boxes.

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12. DIY Cabinet Organizer for Kitchen

Upcycle cereal boxes to make this DIY cabinet organizer. Perfect to increase storage in your kitchen, under the sink.

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11. DIY Pencil Case Out of Toilet Rolls

Looking for a back-to-school craft? This DIY pencil case is a great project that will actually be useful for school or university.

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10. Newspaper Owl Art

Use up your old newspapers and magazines with this fun newspaper owl art. This is a great art and craft activity that kids of all ages are sure to love! Included is a free owl template for you to print out and use so you are guaranteed perfect owls every time!

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9. How To Make A Decoupage Tin Can Wind Chime

The tin can wind chime was very easy to make and cost almost nothing. All you need are some old tin cans in a variety of styles and an old spoon or fork.

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8. Repurposed Light Parts Angel

Today I am going to share my repurposed light parts angel! I don’t remember exactly where these parts came from because they’ve been sitting in my junk pile for a while. But I do know that they came from one of the light fixtures that we replaced in the house. The crystal pull knob was from a dresser the neighbors were throwing out. And the rusty metal wings were from a set that I had cut out years ago and just never got around to using this one.

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7. Garage Sale Wine Rack Makeover

Recently my husband and I stopped over at a friend’s house who was having a garage sale. This old beat-up wine rack caught my attention. It would be perfect for my daughter who just got her own apartment. That was it…. I saw a garage sale wine rack makeover in my future!

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6. Old Tyres And Diy Simple Sofa With Storage

In this DIY project, I am going to pretty up those old rubbish tyres which I was about to throw a while ago. Yess… some old tyres and a DIY simple sofa project.

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5. DIY Wall Hanging With Beautiful Mandala On Cardboard Tube

Carving your own mandala, and make one-of-a-kind DIY wall hanging with your leftover cardboard tube or kitchen roll could be both relaxing and inspiring. If you want to make some inexpensive but rich wall hanging with beautiful mandala art to enhance your space… this DIY project is definitely for you.

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4.  6 DIY Ideas To Turn Your Old Ring Into New One

Do you have a vintage jewelry box, which is full of old and broken rings. Have you ever thought, what to do with these rings.

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3. How To Make A Bee Hotel: An Easy Nature Craft To Help Garden Wildlife

Would you like to make your garden more bee friendly?  This simple DIY bee hotel is a great nature craft project for kids that will help you do just that. See more Quick and Easy Nature Crafts for Kids.

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2. Fall Pumpkin Decoration From Repurposed Ceiling Fan Blade

Usually, I don’t decorate for fall. BUT this year we were changing some ceiling fans in our friend’s house, and you know us…. we don’t like to throw things away.

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1. Recycling Activity for Preschoolers

Learning about recycling is so important. I really feel like it is never too early to talk about the importance of recycling, reducing waste, and reusing items. This is also a wonderful preschool activity for Earth Day.

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