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Do you have a lot of mason jars just lying around in your house? Or maybe you have a lot of them untouched on your kitchen cabinet. Instead of throwing them away, why not repurpose them into something useful and beautiful? You can use them as a display or a container for your trinkets! With that said, here are 15 fun and creative mason jar projects you can easily DIY!

15. S’mores Dessert

All the flavors of a s’mores combine in a mason jar. Just grab a spoon with your S’mores Dessert and enjoy the flavor combination of chocolate pudding, marshmallow and graham crackers all topped off with a marshmallow topping, hot fudge sauce and a mini chocolate candy bar.

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14. How to Make a Wall-Mounted Mason Jar Planter

An easy step by step on how to make a wall-mounted mason jar planter.

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13. Mason Jar Fairy House

Fairy house craft idea: Use air-dry clay and mason jars to make a light-up fairy garden mason jar.

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12. Snowman Ice Cream in Jars

They are so easy to assemble and are the perfect little treat for a winter party or a winter birthday. (The mini size makes them just right for kids, too.)

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11. Edible Cookie Dough

My sister gave jars of edible chocolate chip cookie dough for Christmas, and my daughter loved it, so I was motivated to make my own. After chatting with her about what worked and what didn’t, we came up with this recipe.

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10. Peach Cobbler in a Jar

This Peach Cobbler in a Jar is a fun, very easy and sweet little Southern classic! This Mason Jar dessert recipe is truly the best ever. A layer of sweet juicy peaches is topped with a homemade Paleo cobbler topping then baked to gooey bubbly golden perfection.

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9. Patriotic Mason Jar Centerpiece

These Mason Jar Patriotic Centerpieces don’t need a full-on party for you to enjoy and use them.

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8. How to Make a Mason Jar Wall Organizer

Mason Jar Wall Organizer – easy step-by-step photos to help you make a beautiful mason jar holder for the bathroom or home! Let me show you how my husband made the perfect Mother’s Day gift for me with this easy DIY project using hose clamps, screws and of course mason jars!

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7. How to Grow Radish Sprouts in a Jar (In 5 Days!)

Radish sprouts are extremely nutritious. And, fortunately, they’re incredibly easy to grow at home. You don’t even need sun or soil. Plus, if you’re short on space, you’ve found a perfect match. You’ll see how to grow radish sprouts in a jar, which just requires a little bit of room on your kitchen counter.

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6. Eight Great Meal in a Jar Recipes

Be ready for emergencies big and small with these eight great meal in a jar recipes! All you need to do to get a great meal on the table is add water and cook! Or give them away as gifts!! Printable cut files for the label stickers and tags are available!!

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5. How to Make Vanilla Extract

How to make homemade vanilla extract. Super easy, fun, and cost effective. Great as gifts for Christmas, housewarming parties, or your foodie friends birthdays!

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4. Easy Mason Jar Home Decor

Isn’t it funny that we’ve started decorating with something that used to be used to store food? Who would have thought that a simple glass storage mug could create a decorating craze! So now that I’ve caught this “decorating craze” I want to share with you a few ways I’ve created some easy mason jar decor.

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3. Mason Jar Bathroom Organizer – Frosted to Perfection

How many different ways can you use a mason jar? Tons, apparently. You know I am a lover of mason jars, and I’ve been finding different ways to use them. Recently my friend Kellie from Gratefully Vintage posed the challenge for us to create something with Mason Jars in our Link Party. I was in need of some better organization in our guest bath so I decided to make a mason jar bathroom organizer.

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2. Easy DIY Sheet Music Mason Jar Vases

For this month’s Thrift Store Challenge I’m excited to use some old sheet music I found at a Teen Challenge store. Sheet music crafts is popular right now so I got busy this weekend and created these beautiful Sheet Music Mason Jar Vases.

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1. Mason Jar Flower Caddy

I’ve included the parts list below so you can gather your supplies and be all ready to create your own mason jar flower caddy.

Check it here.

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