15 Easy DIY Mason Jar Crafts To Use As Decor

Do you have quite a number of mason jars that you never use? Perhaps you have a few of them in your kitchen cabinet that you aren’t using. Why not recycle them into something useful instead of dumping them away? These could act as an organizer or simply as beautiful decor! This is also a great time to do some crafts with your kids. 

With that in mind, I’ve put together a list of 15 easy DIY mason jar crafts you and your kids can do! 

15. Mother’s Day DIY Mason Jar Flower Bouquets

Oh, my! Can you believe how gorgeous these Mother’s Day DIY mason jar flower bouquets turned out? I created these Color Mason Jar Flower Bouquets with Mother’s Day in mind, but truth be told these gorgeous bouquets makes the perfect centerpiece for Easter, a little girl’s princess party, and even an elegant wedding.

Check it here.

14. DIY Color Mason Jars

DIY Color Mason Jars! Do I really need to say anything more? Seriously, these jars are absolutely gorgeous and you won’t believe how easy this technique is to do at home. Before you know it, you will be creating beautiful color mason jars for every holiday and special occasion you attend.

Check it here.

13. Mason Jar Rainbow Salt Craft – Rainbow in a Jar!

Celebrate Pride or St. Patrick’s Day, when you make this cute mason jar rainbow salt craft.
This rainbow in a jar is easy to make, and you may already have all of the supplies at home.

Check it here.

12. Thing One and Thing Two Dr. Seuss Mason Jars

I’ve always been a big fan of The Cat in the Hat and many more books by Dr. Seuss. I remember the crazy adventures of Thing One and Thing Two just like my mom was reading the book to me when I was little.  It’s hard to believe that the clever stories written so long ago are known across many generations and still is well loved today.

Check it here.

11. Mason Jar Tissue Holder

Learn how to make these adorable Mason Jar Tissue Holders using your Circuit cutting machine!

Check it here.

10. DIY Gratitude Jar

Learn how to make a simple gratitude jar that you can use to record & collect your happy moments. Adding to it each week is an easy way to practice self-care, as it forces you to slow down and reflect on the positive things (big & small) in your everyday life. This also makes a thoughtful DIY gift for friends, family, or anyone who’s going through a rough patch (happens to us all).

Check it here.

9. DIY Valentine’s Day Gift in a Jar

This DIY Valentine’s Day Gift in a Jar idea is sponsored by Vanilla. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Check it here.

8. Mason Jar Lid Magnets – DIY Photo Magnets!

Mason jar crafts are all the rage right now! If you jump on Pinterest, you’ll find tons of crafts that use mason jars, but not a lot that use the lids. I made mason jar lid magnets out of old lids that I had on hand in my craft room.

Check it here.

7. Mason Jar Crafts: Fruit Themed Jars

While summer hasn’t officially started here in Houston, it definitely feels like it has! We are already getting some super hot temperatures and the official start to the season is just around the corner.

Check it here.

6. Make A Gilded Mason Jar For Valentine’s Day

Make A Gilded Mason Jar For Valentine’s Day that is perfect to hold roses for your sweetheart,
or fill with candy for a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift!

Check it here.

5. Painted Mason Jar Craft for Valentine’s Day

I wanted to make a sweet gift with the kids. Something they could help with and I could still have fun–so we made this Painted Mason Jar Craft for Valentine’s Day. Not only are they fun to make, but the kids loved helping to paint the mason jars.

Check it here.

4. How to Make a Snow Globe in a Mason Jar

I’ve always loved snow globes and while cleaning some mason jars the other day I had a thought: how do you make a snow globe in a mason jar? Well, I challenged myself to make it happen and I figured it out. And it’s far simpler than I thought it might be, but there are some tricks I learned.

Check it here.

3. How to Paint Mason Jars for Christmas

When I decided to paint mason jars for Christmas decor, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect. But the result is so cute, I am over the moon! Not only do they pay homage to the three cuties of Christmas, but they’re so whimsical and all homemade, what’s not to love.

Check it here.

2. How to Make a Mason Jar Soap Pump

As I’m wrapping up my dining room makeover, I’ve recently started on my upstairs bathroom – because there’s no time to start a new project like right before your current one is done! This project couldn’t be easier and took maybe 5 minutes from start to finish.

Check it here.

1. How to Make a Glitter Mason Jar Heart Mug

I love glitter – and judging by the popularity of my dishwasher safe glitter mug tutorial, I’m not the only one!

Check it here.

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