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If you and your kids are a big bookworms, then you would have probably owned (and lost) a bunch of bookmarks already. And with the holidays ending and schools coming back up, then you would want to help your kids make their school life easier. One way is by giving them a bookmark to keep track of their readings. And no, you do not need to go out and buy one. Instead, I have here 15 easy DIY bookmark crafts for kids to do! 

15. Simple Ribbon Bookmark | 15 Minute Back to School Craft

Learn how to make a simple ribbon bookmark. This easy back to school craft can be completed in under 15 minutes — and it’s both pretty and functional!

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14. DIY Graduation Bookmark Memento

Oh the places you will go… Whether the nostalgia of a hometown, a high school or college campus location or a fond childhood memory spot, this easy DIY bookmark memento will make you smile as you reminisce.

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13. Felt Flower Elastic Book Band

Know a book lover? Or someone who loves to journal? Then you’ll love learning how to sew a felt flower elastic book band to give as a perfect gift!

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12. How To Sew Fabric Bookmarks

There’s nothing quite like reading an actual book and being able to flip the pages! If you love books, too, you’ll need a bookmark. So here’s how to sew fabric bookmarks to keep your place in your novel or journal.

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11. Easy Rocket Craft Bookmark

Looking for a super easy craft for your kids? And still want an educational aspect to it? Then this easy rocket craft bookmark is ideal. It’s simple enough for preschoolers, yet all kids will enjoy creating their very own space rocket!

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10. Popsicle Stick DIY – Flower Bookmark

We are excited to be sharing this fun Popsicle stick DIY making a flower bookmark. They are a great kids crafts with popsicle sticks and paper flowers.

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9. Bat Paper Puppet

Celebrate Halloween with these super cute bat paper puppets. Fun FREE Halloween printable bat body where you can make them into the cutest popsicle stick bat puppet bookmarks.

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8. Handmade Bookmarks, A Fun and Easy DIY

This time of year, there is just something special about snuggling up in front of the fireplace with a cup of coffee, warm blanket and book that brings so much comfort. It’s the perfect time to make some fun handmade bookmarks to add to the moment.

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7. Easy DIY Corner Bookmarks From Fabric

Tired of messing with those paper bookmarks that don’t do anything but get lost in all the shuffle? Why not take charge and make your own instead? These easy DIY corner bookmarks from fabric are a simple and easy sewing project that is totally useful, too! If you’re an avid reader like me, having multiple bookmarks that are sturdy and will hold up well is a must.

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6. Unique Watercolor Bookmarks Easy Process Art for Kids

These watercolor bookmarks turned out so unique and beautiful! Each one can be customized with types of stamps, choice of colors and edging details. They would make perfect Mother’s Day or Father’s Day gifts, teacher gifts, even gifts that your kids can give to their friends(or keep for themselves!).

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5. Sewing Fabric Bookmarks – Learning to Sew

Sewing Fabric Bookmarks ~ Are you learning how to sew? Are you looking for a beginner sewing project? Great because I have the perfect one for you!

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4. Dainty Crochet Bookmark Pattern

Dainty Crochet Bookmark Pattern – No need to turn those page corners down with this easy to crochet bookmark to keep your place, suitable for beginners.

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3. DIY Leather Bookmark – From An Upcycled Old Leather Jacket

A few years ago, an ex boyfriend of mine ripped his leather jacket on our gate. He never wore the jacket again, and it was left in the bottom of a wardrobe. I recently rediscovered this jacket and decided to upcycle it, as it was a pretty unfashionable shape so not really worth fixing. This DIY leather bookmark is an easy project to make when starting to repurpose old leather.

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2. Ladybug Bookmarks

Today we have an adorable ladybug bookmark craft! These ladybugs are so stinkin cute and make excellent corner bookmarks, especially for some summer reading.

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1. DIY Leather Bookmark – Easy Handmade Christmas Gifts

If you’re looking for easy handmade Christmas gifts to make for your friends and family, look no further. This DIY leather bookmark can be customized for anyone and everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Check it here.

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