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What do you do with clothes that are no longer in use? For the most part, we either give it to our children or family members, or we donate it to people in need. However, there are certain items of clothing that you simply cannot let go of — and that is perfectly OK as it could contain happy memories that you want to keep with you. But instead of letting those clothing rot or gain cobwebs, why not turn them into something new and functional?

With that in mind, I’ve compiled a list of 15 DIY upcycled clothing projects you can easily do! 

15. How To Make A Tshirt Bag

Before you give away those old tshirts or turn them into rags, consider making a no sew tshirt bag instead!

Check it here.

14. How To Add Fabric To A Shirt To Make It Bigger

Whether you’re looking to fix a too-tight shirt or simply want a swingier silhouette, I’ve got a super easy tutorial showing how to add fabric to a shirt to make it bigger.

Check it here.

13. Crochet Monster Knee Patch

Crochet Monster Knee Patch – a fun way to patch a hole in a child’s pants! As I have a preschool-age son who makes a new hole in his pants every couple of weeks, I thought that this idea is brilliant.

Check it here.

12. How to Fray Jeans

Have you ever wondered how to fray jeans? I love the way Mother Step Fray jeans look but wanted a way to fray denim myself to get the same look.

Check it here.

11. Flower Pot Decoration Upcycled Men’s Shirts

Flower pot decoration upcycled men’s shirts! If it’s time to reorganize the closet, you’ll find some worn out dress shirts that you can use for this flower pot decoration with upcycled men’s shirts!

Check it here.

10. Upcycled Knit Sweater Cowl

My gorgeous little sister, Alicia, is modelling her new scarf. And may I just say that I told her to put on something with long sleeves?!? Seriously, it’s January!! lol

Check it here.

9. Upcycled Jersey Shorts

They are just the perfect thing for active, busy boys. My guys tend to burn through a couple of pairs of shorts a day. Trampoline water fights turn into backyard mud baths around here. And lets not talk about camping! Seriously, diiiirty!

Check it here.

8. DIY Darth Vader Shoes Craft

These DIY Darth Vader shoes are awesome! I like to mix up the boys back to school wardrobe with new stuff, thrift store finds, diy sewing projects and epic upcycles.

Check it here.

7. Upcycled Sweater Ornaments

I am excited to be joining over thirty talented bloggers today to bring you a round up of Handmade Christmas Ornament ideas! I am truly in love with so many of these! Some would be perfect for crafts with the kids while others may stretch your creative know how and be a good opportunity to try something new. I am sharing one of my favorite DIY Christmas projects, these Upcycled Sweater Ornaments.

Check it here.

6. Sweater Ornament Tutorial

I love the pop of texture that this ornament gives to our Christmas tree! Too busy to make this right away?! Pin it for later! Pin this project to your favorite craft board on Pinterest and it’ll be waiting for you when you’re ready.

Check it here.

5. Make A Motivational Mantra Wrap Bracelet From T-Shirts

This motivational mantra wrap bracelet made from old t-shirts is the perfect way to add a little fun to your fitness routine. DIY jewelry is always fun to make and when you can sweat it in without feeling icky? Even better!

Check it here.

4. Christmas Stocking Ideas and Tutorial

Homemade goods seem to touch a place in our hearts, and I think you’ll agree these Christmas stocking ideas (and tutorial) are no exception.

Check it here.

3. How to Make Easy DIY Gnomes

I show how to make easy DIY gnomes. Inspired by all the cuteness, my girlfriend, Ruth made these adorable versions to utilize her Mom’s stash of recycled wool sweaters. I think they are irresistible and like dolls, connect to each of us differently.

Check it here.

2. Cozy Sweater Covered Vases

Cozy things up on your home for Winter with these DIY cozy sweater covered vases. This simple tutorial for how to make sweater covered vases will get you ready for the chilly weather.

Check it here.

1. DIY Stockings Made From Old Flannel Shirts

Learn how to make DIY stockings using your old flannel shirts or even sweaters. No sewing experience required!

Check it here.

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