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If you’re searching for affordable yet trendy home decor, IKEA is likely to be your first stop. Sure, their furniture can get a bit bland and boring as years go by. But the good thing about IKEA products is that they are easy to personalize and repurpose due to their minimalistic feature! With that said, here are 15 awesome IKEA hacks you wouldn’t want to miss this year! 

15. How to Paint a Rug to Make a Coordinating Set – IKEA Hacks

I’ve partnered with IKEA for another big makeover, and this time we’re turning our pumpkin-orange basement into a beautiful retreat for our growing family. The room, affectionately referred to as the bowling alley, is super long and skinny with really low ceilings. The dark orange paint and dark bamboo blinds make it feel like a cave, so something’s gotta change!

Check it here.

14. DIY Metal Wrapped Furniture – How to Fake It – IKEA Hacks

I’ve been working with (and basically living at) IKEA College Park to put together my dream room and make the most out of a rather awkward basement space, and it’s so fun seeing my vision and all my sketches coming to life day-by-day!

Check it here.

13. IKEA Lego Table Hack Your Kids Will LOVE

This ikea lego table hack will be a huge hit with your little lego fan! Turn that boring ikea trofast into a jumbo size lego brick with loads of storage!

Check it here.

12. DIY IKEA Shelf – Easy Hack For Makeup Storage

If you love IKEA Hacks and cool Storage ideas, check out this DIY IKEA Shelf that I (with Dad’s help) made for my daughter, Amanda’s, ever growing makeup collection.

Check it here.

11. IKEA Moppe Mini Chest Of Drawers Hack

Update an IKEA Moppe Mini Chest Of Drawers into handy desk storage for your office or craft room.

Check it here.

10. Ikea Hack: Lackluster Latt Table to Toddleriffic Table

Who would have thought this little Ikea Latt table makeover would become one of our most popular DIY tables? This easy tutorial will take you through the steps to create a padded chair cushion that fits the accompanying chairs.

Check it here.

9. Faux Marble Desk Tutorial with Laminate

This faux marble desk is to easy to make from a kitchen laminate worktop.  I also show you how to add hairpin legs and IKEA Trofast storage box drawers.  Lifting the worktop, however, will be a two man (or woman) job.

Check it here.

8. The Super Easy Way to Add Legs to an IKEA Kallax Shelf

Enter an IKEA Kallax shelf….with legs!  Adding the legs couldn’t have been easier, and now the shelf adds the perfect amount of storage, play space, and decor to Brayden’s modern woodland nursery.

Check it here.

7. Personalized Lazy Susan IKEA Hack!

This past Memorial Day weekend, my husband and I made our very first trip to IKEA, and it was truly amazing! We snagged a few items and I’ve slowly been jazzing them up. The first hack project that I undertook was customizing a set of their cork trivets with a wood burner. It was so easy and I LOVE the way they turned out!

Check it here.

6. DIY Burned IKEA Cork Trivets: Cheap & Easy IKEA Hack!

Here are the cork trivets we snagged at IKEA.  They came as a 3-pack for I think $3.99, so like everything else at this land of enchantment and wonder….super affordable!

Check it here.

5. IKEA Hemnes Dresser Mid Century Modern Hack

We bought a used IKEA Hemnes dresser on Facebook Marketplace that was perfect to transform into our baby’s dresser and changing table. We have several pieces of the IKEA Hemnes line in our home, so it would be ok as is. But, we decided to give it a mid century modern twist.

Check it here.

4. IKEA Hacks – DIY Bar Cabinet & Kitchenette

Read on to see how we built our DIY bar cabinet and kitchenette!

Check it here.

3. How To Upgrade Your IKEA Kura Bed

His top tips include not saying at 10 pm “honestly Jo, it will only take an hour” (it took a lot longer); use an electric screwdriver and not the teeny one on your Swiss Army Knife and finally, choose a good couple of beers to get you through the ordeal.

Check it here.

2. Toddler Learning Tower – Ikea Hack

For Bugs second birthday I really wanted to make him a toddler learning tower. I’ve seen them all over Pinterest and they look so awesome! With the new baby coming, I want him to be able to be really involved.

Check it here.

1. How to Build Easy Built Ins from IKEA Bookcases

These Ikea built ins have been been a long time coming.  Even though the majority of the structure comes from tall IKEA Billy bookcases, you would never guess these built ins were actually inexpensive laminate furniture.  All of the little details that make flat pack furniture look cheap have been removed or covered up including those cheap cardboard backs, the millions of holes for shelf pins, and the ugly toe kick at the bottom.

Check it here.

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