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Ahoy there! Are you here because your kids are dreaming of becoming a pirate one day? If that is the case, then why not make their dreams come true on their birthday? And no, you do not need to search several stores for fancy pirate-themed decor. I have here 13 fun pirate party ideas ranging from recipes, crafts, decor, to activities! 

13. Pirate Treasure Slime – Easy Slime Recipe

Pirate treasure slime is a simple slime recipe with big results. With a few ingredients, you can create sensory play ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.

Check it here.

12.  Easy Handprint Pirate Art for Kids

Turn your hand into this cute Handprint Pirate art. With some paint and your childs hand, you can create this fun and easy art idea in minutes.

Check it here.

11. Coffee Painting Treasure Map Craft

Ahoy there! Prepare yourself for making your own authentic-looking treasure map using coffee paint.

Check it here.

10. Pirate Treasure Sensory Bin

Have fun while you look for gold and jewels with this Pirate Treasure Sensory Bin. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this easy sensory activity. It’s a superb way to spend a summer afternoon.

Check it here.

9. Free Printable Pirate Headband For Kids

If you have a child at home that loves all things pirate, they need this free printable pirate headband!

Check it here.

8. Handprint Pirate Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Make this cute handprint pirate craft for kids during summer or anytime you talk about the ocean!

Check it here.

7. Paper Plate Pirate Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Summer is the perfect time to spend some quality time crafting! And if you’re searching for a more boyish craft, this paper plate pirate craft is perfect.

Check it here.

6. Pirate Colouring Pages for Kids

Did you know, Talk Like a Pirate Day is right around the corner, on 19th September? That’s right me hearties, so to get you in the pirate spirit we have some free pirate colouring pages to share today.

Check it here.

5. Gingerbread Pirate Cookies

Ahoy Mateys! Celebrate International Talk like a Pirate Day this Tuesday (September 19, 2017) with this swashbuckling cookie crew! Gingerbread Pirate Cookies are a delicious reason to dig out your gingerbread men cookie cutters early.

Check it here.

4.  Cardboard Tube Pirate Craft

This fun pirate craft for kids doubles as a finger puppet. Make several with your friends, using different colored paper for each one and make an entire scurvy crew.

Check it here.

3. Paper Bag Pirate Puppets Kids Will Love

Ever since I watched the movie Peter Pan as a child I have enjoyed movies and cartoons about Pirates. As a preschool teacher we had a favorite Pirate themed song which the kids loved. Today we have a fantastic Paper Bag Pirate Puppet craft which I am sure you will love making with the little ones. Enjoy.

Check it here.

2. Pirate Party: Games and Food

This weekend, we celebrated Henry’s 5th birthday with a Pirate Party! It was such a fun theme and he was so excited to invite his friends to come over to play and be pirates with him. Very wisely, we decided to have the party over at Grandma and Grandpa’s house. 🙂 I was SO glad I wasn’t madly cleaning my house and trying to figure out how to get over a dozen active kids and all their parents into my yard! Plus, Grandpa just finished making an awesome tree house this summer, and I knew it could easily be transformed into a pirate ship for the party!

Check it here.

1. Pirate Treasure Hunt Clues

Kids love to play games so why not hide candy or gifts for the kids to find when they solve these treasure hunt clues.

Check it here.

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