11 Astronaut and Space Activities for Kids: Crafts for Elementary Kids

One of the most interesting topics for elementary kids is definitely the galaxy and all things about space – which is a good thing because they remain curious and knowledgeable! Now, your job as a parent is to teach them more about this topic but in a more interesting and fun way. With that said, I have here 11 amazing astronaut and space activities for kids (especially perfect for elementary school)!

11. Galaxy Handprint Spritzer Art

A cool new way to paint! This spray bottle art project is a fun handprint craft for kids that can be adapted into cards and keepsake art for any occasion!

Check it here.

10.  Solar System Easter Eggs – Space Eggsplorer

The School Egg Decoration Competition is on the horizon, and as part of that we finally have time and the opportunity to show case LAST YEAR’s Egg Decorating Competition entries. Red Ted Art HQ takes the competition seriously.. and we keep our eggs firmly under wrap until AFTER the judging day.. teehee. So. LAST year’s (winning) entry were Red Ted’s Solar System Easter Eggs!

Check it here.

9. Kids Crafts: Solar System

Welcome back to this week’s Kids Crafts – our very own paper mache Solar System – ok, so it is “only” the sun, the earth and the moon, but it is a start and something to add to over time. We actually made it , mainly because the lovely people from Cubbykit sent it to us to make (more about them at the end)! It has taken as a while to “get round” to doing it – basically the Easter holidays – I think any paper mache craft is perfect for the holidays – you have much more time actually craft, more time to let things dry and then paint.. as well as some time to enjoy it! These make a great Crafts for Boys contribution too!

Check it here.

8. Preschool Space Activities

Are you ready for some out of this world fun with preschool space activities? This preschool space theme is going to be so much fun for your early learners! Get ready to have fun teaching planets to preschoolers and enjoying exciting hands-on space activities for kids.

Check it here.

7. Rocket Puppet Template For Kids [Free Printable]

Outer space is a theme virtually all kids enjoy learning about! Space is so interesting and unknown that it keeps kids riveted! If your children or students can’t get enough, they’ll want to make this rocket puppet template.

Check it here.

6. Galaxy in a Jar Craft

Our Galaxy in a Jar craft is perfect for parents and teachers of kids of all ages. It’s particularly enjoyed by those that have an interest in space. Use it alongside a solar system lesson or just anytime you want to provide them a fun activity that creates something beautiful!

Check it here.

5. Name Rocket Craft for Preschool Space Theme

This name rocket craft is great for children learning to recognize their names. It’s also great if they have begun showing interest in space. It can become part of a science lesson for preschoolers or used at home to make learning fun.

Check it here.

4. Astronaut Paper Bag Puppet Craft [Free Template]

This astronaut paper bag puppet is a fun and easy way for kids to pretend to be their favorite spacefarers! You can also teach your kids about space with this activity. It’s a great way to learn about the solar system and have fun at the same time.

Check it here.

3. Out of this World Astronaut Coloring Pages

Dreaming of becoming an astronaut or traveling into outer space? These free printable astronaut coloring pages are a fun way to explore space right from home!

Check it here.

2. How to Make Midnight Galaxy Glitter Slime

This glittery Midnight Galaxy Slime is absolutely mesmerizing! It even glows in the dark! Keep reading for easy video tutorial to learn how to make galaxy slime!

Check it here.

1.  5 Constellations Kids Should Know

Oh my, we have a lovely lovely STAR CRAFT for you today. If you love stars and what learn about the main 5 Constellations in the northern hemisphere, read on!!!! With the help of my lovely friend Hattifant, we have created a Constellations Luminary Printable – focussing on the main 5 Constallatiosn Kids Should Know.

Check it here.

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