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A salad is the way to go if you’re searching for a quick but nutritious lunch at work. However, salads are now far more costly than they were before. What’s more is that some take-out salads can be bland and only includes a few filling ingredients. However, the good news is that salads can easily be made ahead of time through meal prepping. You may use this chance to plan and prepare the ingredients ahead of time. With that in mind, here are 15 delicious meal prep salad recipes that you can make in no time!

15. Easy, Healthy Chicken Salad with Quinoa, Tomatoes, Lemon and Basil

This gorgeous salad is perfect as a main course, or as a hearty side! Fabulous served warm or totally chilled, it can even be adapted for vegetarians. So easy and incredibly delicious – it’ll quickly become a favorite at picnics and at dinner!

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14. Peanut Crunch Salad in a Jar

A healthy, protein packed, super tasty lunch doesn’t get any easier than this Peanut Crunch Salad in a Jar. Make up a bunch of them while meal prepping on Sunday and you will have grab-and-go lunches all ready in the fridge for your week ahead!

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13. Chicken BLT Pasta Salad

This hearty salad eats like a meal with high-protein chicken, pasta and smoky bacon. It’s everything you love in a BLT sandwich packed into a salad!

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12. Middle Eastern Breakfast Salad Bowls

This vibrant & cool dish is reminiscent of the Mediterranean. It offers a fusion of herbs that are flavorful and healthy. Our breakfast salad bowl meal prep idea gives you a light & zesty metabolic boost first thing in the morning. This meal prep idea pairs well with sweet breakfast food and drinks like coffee and pastries. The acidity balances very well with sweets.

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11. Healthy Greek Mason Jar Salads

This Greek Mason Jar Salads recipe makes 6 large, filling, and nutritious salads that are healthy, low-carb, and gluten-free! It costs $11.76 to make 6, and EACH salad costs just $1.96!

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10. Southwest Salad Recipe

I’ve been finding myself with MAJOR salad cravings lately, hence this southwest salad recipe today! This salad craving is a good thing for all of us, because I’m on a quest to create as many awesome salad recipes as I can! This one does not disappoint.

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9. Shrimp Caesar Salad Recipe

Shrimp Caesar Salad is a fancy seafood delight. This delicious recipe is one of the best options for a dish that is both elegant and healthy!

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8. Shrimp Cobb Salad

Shrimp Cobb Salad is a great recipe for turning a classic dish into something fancy! Made with browned shrimp, blue cheese, and a creamy homemade dressing.

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7. Mediterranean Bean Salad

Mediterranean Bean Salad is a fresh and healthy side dish, made with three types of beans, a delicious vinaigrette, lots of vegetables and fresh herbs. It’s perfect for meal prep, potlucks and as a side dish during grilling season.

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6. Quinoa Chickpea Salad with Lemon Dill Dressing

This quinoa chickpea salad is like summer in a bowl and comes together in less than 30 minutes! Quinoa and chickpeas are tossed with fresh cucumbers, crisp bell peppers and crunchy carrots, then drizzled with a light lemon dill dressing. Perfect for meal prep, potlucks and a side dish during BBQ season.

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5. Mediterranean Quinoa Salad

Ready to try an incredibly easy quinoa salad that tastes incredible and requires very little effort?

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4. Incredible Vegan Egg Salad (So Realistic!)

Drop what you are doing and make this vegan egg salad! Now, you may think I am crazy and wonder how tofu could ever taste like egg, but hear me out.

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3. Spinach Goat Cheese Salad With Pecans & Sweet Potatoes

You can consider this a side dish or a complete meal your choice: it has vitamins, fibers, carbs, fats and proteins as well, what more could you ask for?

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2. Italian Antipasto Salad

If you like sub sandwiches, you’re going to love this Antipasto Salad! It has all of the flavor of a big Italian sub sandwich, without the carb-heavy bread.

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1. Best BBQ Chicken Chopped Salad

This delicious BBQ Chicken Salad is ready in just 10 minutes, making it a great lunch idea or easy weeknight meal. The whole family will love this easy chicken salad recipe.

Check it here.

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