11 Learning Activities for 4 Year Olds

There’s no better time to start teaching your kids some primary education while they are still young! At 4 years old, you can already start teaching your kids how to count, name at least four colors and three shapes, and identify letters. Of course, you have to teach them the fun way! With that in mind, I have here 11 learning activities perfect for 4 year olds. 

1. Free Dot Sticker Alphabet

This low prep and low mess dot sticker printable is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers who are learning their alphabet.

Check it here.

10. Gumball Machine Printable 

This gumball machine printable is so much fun! There are two versions of this printable. One version is meant for dot stickers for toddlers and preschoolers to learn their numbers and the other version is blank so you can use it with dot markers (also sometimes called do-a-dots) or to color with crayons or markers.

Check it here.

9. Sight Words Slime – Saline Slime Sensory Literacy Activity

Ever since we discovered our saline slime recipe (it’s so easy!), we’ve been having fun. It’s like a whole new world of slime exploration and learning has opened up to us. Slime has made it so much easier to incorporate hands-on learning, sensory exploration and traditional lessons like sight words. So this week, to help my youngest son practice his sight words, we made Sight Words Slime.

Check it here.

8. Ocean Activities for Preschool

Summer is the perfect time to explore an ocean themed lesson plan with your preschoolers. Check out these engaging ocean activities for preschool to help your kids build early literacy, numeracy, and motor skills. Have fun while learning all about the ocean and the creatures who live under the sea.

Check it here.

7. The Best Alphabet Printables and Activities

If your child is beginning preschool, you’re probably thinking a lot about what they need to learn and how to teach it. How do you teach your child their ABCs? How do you teach letter recognition? Can can you make it fun? Coloring pages, tracing printables, Montessori activities, and even virtual letter recognition activities can help your preschoolers master their ABCs while having fun this year.

Check it here.

6. Letter Fridge Matching Game Using Large Magnet Letters

If you have a toddler and a bunch of jumbo magnet letters, you probably know what it means to have a messy kitchen floor. Why not teach your kids to play a letter fridge game that will put those pesky ABC magnets to use once and for all?

Check it here.

5. Alphabet Soup Game: A Preschool ABC Sensory Bin

Looking for a fun preschool learning activity to teach the alphabet? This alphabet soup game is an ABC sensory bin experience that mixes fun with learning!

Check it here.

4. Letter Fishing Kids Activity

Kids will love this Letter Fishing Activity that’s perfect for hot summer days! Toss magnetic letters into a kiddie pool and let them fish them out with a magnetic fishing rod. Then practice letter identification and letter sounds. Fun and play mixed together for the perfect preschool activity.

Check it here.

3.  5 Easy Preschool Letter Activities

Preschool letter activities are a great way for your little ones to get familiar with the alphabet in a fun and exciting way! Your preschoolers will enjoy these activities so much they probably won’t even realize they are learning.

Check it here.

2. Interactive Alphabet Book

Are you Looking for a playful way to reinforce the Alphabet? This New 26 Page Interactive Alphabet book with Flaps might be perfect.

Check it here.

1. Free Printable Number Bingo

Free Printable Number Bingo is a fun way for kids to work on number recognition for numbers 1-25!

Check it here.

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