15 Fun And Creative Fall Craft Ideas For Kids

If you love the fall season and you enjoy decorating your house or filling every nook with memories of your children, then this post is perfect for you! Sure, there will be pumpkins in every corner, fall colours on your walls and more, but if you really want to give your home a unique touch this season, then have your kids make some fun fall crafts! With that said, here are 15 fun and creative Fall craft ideas for kids to enjoy!

15. Paper Towel Tube Pumpkin Craft for Toddlers

My kids loved doing this easy peasy paper towel tube pumpkin craft. This paper towel tube pumpkin craft for toddlers is low prep and no mess!

Check it here.

14. Autumn Wreath for Preschoolers

This autumn wreath for preschoolers is so much fun. Grab some printable leaves and get creating!

Check it here.

13. Autumn STEAM: Tracing The Veins Of A Leaf

Decorating autumn fall leaves: fun STEAM (or STEM + Art) idea: learning about nature and leaf biology.

Check it here.

12. Seasons of a Tree Artwork

This is a craft I found on pinterest that we did five years ago during our first year of homeschooling (we actually did it TODAY, October 3rd!). It was simple and fun and my son loved it. I did it with him and enjoyed it too.

Check it here.

11. CRAFT: Wrapped Walking Stick

Decorating a walking stick with yarn/and cloth is a fun craft that can be simplified for a young child, yet is still an enjoyable project for a teen or adult to do! Learn how to make your own below!

Check it here.

10. Melted Beads Autumn Sun Catcher Craft

This Autumn sun catcher craft is the perfect mix of arts and crafts and science and a great activity to complete during the fall season.

Check it here.

9. No Sew Fabric Pumpkins – Upcycle Your Old Shirts and Sweaters

I’ve seen these adorable little fabric pumpkins all over Pinterest and knew I had to try to make them myself! They are so easy to make! If you have any old shirts, sweaters, or come across a cheap yard sale find, this is a brilliant way to upcycle the fabric into these cute and festive fall pumpkins. Here’s how!

Check it here.

8. Rock Painting Ideas: Painted Rock Pumpkins

Looking for some fun fall rock painting ideas? Turn ordinary stones into adorable little pumpkins. These watercolor-inspired painted rock pumpkins are a fun and versatile fall decor idea: use them as napkin weights for Thanksgiving, in your fall vignettes or in the garden.

Check it here.

7. Pinecone Owls

With the end of school comes the beginning of summer and you’ll be looking for easy crafts for kids to make. Whether these cute little pinecone owls are made as a summer camp craft or just something fun for fall, they’re adorable and will look great perched in your child’s bedroom or bunk.

Check it here.

6. Cardboard Tube Scarecrow

Cardboard Tube ScarecrowThis cute scarecrow is one of my favorites. I made this several years ago out of a paper towel cardboard tube, some felt and a mini straw hat. It’s a fun fall craft for kids and is easy to make. No patterns needed!

Check it here.

5. DIY Fall Farmhouse Pumpkin Wreath

This DIY Farmhouse wreath is an exciting way to bring in and celebrate the fall seasons. The jute and plaid pumpkins give it a modern farmhouse twist that’s perfectly balanced with the eucalyptus leaves.

Check it here.

4. DIY Fall Leaves Wreath Craft for Kids

This cute fall leaves wreath craft for kids uses paper plates and autumn colors to create fun leaf art! Try our fall leaf project with your family.

Check it here.

3. Leaf Lanterns

We first made these Easy Leaf Lanterns about seven years ago at German Toddler Group – one of the other carers with tons of group crafting experience showed us how to make them – making this a great Autumn Craft for Preschoolers as well as Autumn Craft for kids!!!

Check it here.

2. Easy Leaf Pinch Pots – Fall Craft for Preschool

Today I am combining two of my favourite Autumn Crafts for Kids to date: the Apple Pinch Pot with the Leaf Clay Bowls…. and voila, we have easy Leaf Pinch Pots! Pinch pots are a great craft to get kids of all ages started working with air drying clay (or kiln clay for that matter) – they are super easy to do, are great as a finger strengthening exercise and look adorable. Today’s Leaf Pinch Pot is really is easy to make – I like to focus on “simple shapes” – so the kids are able to do these themselves too and still have great results. I hope you agree with me too!!

Check it here.

1. Kids Crafts: Autumn Mobile

Welcome back to this week’s Kids Craft session. This week, we share with your our “Autumn Mobile” – basically a mobile made from all those wonderful bits and pieces that you can collect when you are out and about on a walk. We used a mix of “newly found” items, as well as some “remnants” of last year’s nature craft stash – we wanted to use it ALL up, so we could go out and collect more this Autumn.

Check it here.

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