9 Cleaning Hacks in Printables – Cleaning Schedule for Your Ideal Home

Are you struggling with cleaning like I do? I really hate to see my home in a mess and I really hate to do the cleaning regularly. Usually I let it all go wrong until the point when I can’t stand it anymore and just start cleaning everything, and that might take half a day in some cases. I admit that’s not the way cleaning the house should be done, and I am trying to organize my cleaning schedule using these cleaning hacks printables. See more Cleaning Tips and Hacks.

Learn how often you should clean everything

With this cleaning printalbe schedule you’ll be able to track of every little corner of your household. Learn how often you need to wash linen or deep clean your windows and create your custom schedule based on these standards.

Source: Good Housekeeping

Get rid of clutter!

Your house will never look clean no matter how often you do dusting if it’s full of clutter. When things are not organized, it always looks like a mess.  If you have kids, you know how quickly your house becomes cluttered with old clothes that don’t fit the sizes anymore, old toys and used devices that are broken long ago.  So much unnecessary stuff! Your kids will not get organized if you don’t show them an example. Check out this decluttering graph!

Source: Simplykierste.com

Removing stains: mission not impossible!

How many times you hoped that you’ll just put that white t-shirt with a coffee stain on it together with other white clothes and the stain will disappear like in the TV ad of a laundry detergent? Sadly, a lot of stains require a very specific anti-stain treatment to be removed from your clothes. This graph shows you some affordable products that will work wonders to fight the most common types of stains!

Don’t leave any corner of your home unattended!

Did you know that your curtains might be the most dusty place in your thoroughly cleaned and dusted daily house? Well, if you didn’t, then you probably never vacuumed your curtains and you actually should. Check in this infographic how often you need to do it, as well as how frequently you should get your garbage disposal get cleaned and light switches. Ah, let me guess, you never cleaned them 🙂 There are plenty of dusty and even filthy forgotten corners in your house – I hope this printalbe will be really useful in eliminating these spots of cleanliness issues!

Source: LifeHacker

Struggling with pots and pans? Here is some help…

Pots and pans are those kitchen items that always take the most efforts for cleaning. With this infographic, you will be able to remove almost any type of food stains – just learn which is the appropriate cleaning agent!

Source: Babble

DIY Cleaning products

I know that every day more and more people are getting concerned about the ecological impact of retail cleaning products. If you are thinking about your personal impact on the planet, I hope this list of simple DIY cleaning product recipes will help you keep your house clean with agents our grandmothers used. Baking soda, white vinegar, lemon juice and others don’t damage the environment as much as a typical detergent.

Source: Heandsheeatclean.com

Laundry Symbols Printable

Looking at the label info on my favorite shirt and trying to guess what those laundry symbols mean – happened to me way too often. I found this great printable laundry cheat shit and stick it to my washing machine. Share it with your Pinterest friends as well because it’s really a lifesaver!

Source: BuzzFeed

Coconut Oil for Cleaning? Yes!

So many things can be cleaned with coconut oil and you’ve never though about this cleaning hack!

Source: Today.com

Cleaning with Essential Oils

Adding essential oils when you are cleaning your house can bring the fantastic spring freshness and protect your family from microbes. Learn how you can use essential oils to eliminate mold, purify fridge, and get rid of bad smells in the furniture or carpet.

Source: Draxe.com

 A Gigantic Cleaning Hacks Infographic!

This printable will help you with so many cleaning experiments! You will learn here how to get read of the baked oven stains and remove your lipstick stains or nail polish from your carpets.

Source: Dailyinfographic.com


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 I am trying to organize my cleaning schedule using these cleaning hacks printables. Learn how to remove stains from everything, make DIY cleaning products .


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