If you think bullet journal is just an adorable kids’ amusement, then it’s time to change your point of view. If a bujo helps little ones to keep all their affairs in order, why must the adults give them up? This wonderful combination of a diary, an organizer, and a timetable will help to keep in mind even small details of your plans. In addition, it will give you a great opportunity to show your creativity. Make a bullet journal as you like, and if nothing comes to your mind our ideas will probably appeal to you.

Bujo 1. A Linear Way to Keep Everything Alright

The simple and clear design of this bullet journal layout is a great idea for those who prefer to see the essence without unnecessary details. Apply the icons of your own design to indicate daily activity like morning exercises or reading in Japanese and show your creativity.

Taken from @adybulletjournal

Bujo 2. If You Like Minimalism

Minimalistic monthly layouts may look very elegant especially if you add some unique graphics for each turn. An idea for those who have great taste and likes cozy and simple things!

Taken from @plananotherday

Bujo 3. More Everyday Colors

The design of this bullet journal is bright and lively, but everything is very simple and clear. Working with monthly layouts of this kind you will definitely feel the enthusiasm for new achievements.

Taken from The Organised Student

Bujo 4. Something Simple But Genious

This variant is incredibly simple, but it is still far from being boring. You will probably like a competent and well-thought-out content layout with the helping and convenient schemes, graphs or tables. When all the necessary reminders are in front of your eyes, the life is much easier to organize.

Taken from @mochipaper

Bujo 5. A Calendar-Like Monthly Layout

You may arrange your bujo like a calendar. In this case, monthly layouts look quite original and impressive at the same time. You may prefer black and white graphics or add some color shadows with watercolors or pencils.

Taken from @study.duoo

Bujo 6. For BuJo Beginners

If you do not consider yourself a genius of creativity, working on these monthly layouts will allow you to believe in your talents. The best thing here is not just the color and design complexity, but in the creation of unusual categories with brilliant headlines.

Taken from Imgrum

Bujo 7. New Forms of Habitual Things

You don’t need to be serious when making out your bujo. This positive and funny design catches the eye and brings a smile. In addition, it is rather convenient as charming icons allow you to place all the necessary information within a page.

Taken from @pureplanning_bymj

Bujo 8. Stick Your Interests

A lot of bujo fans decorate monthly layouts with amazing drawings, but if you don’t feel an extraordinary talent or just don’t want to waste time, turn to some stylish stickers! The best part of this idea is that you can choose any stickers you like.

Taken from @journalinspiration

Bujo 9. Everything You Need For a Month

The idea of a calendar and a to-do list together seems obvious but still effective. Pay attention to the enchanting magnificent floral design. It may become a real breath of fresh air if you are sick and tired of tables, graphs and everything that is parallel and perpendicular.

Taken from @bluelahe

Bujo 10. Full Page Illustrations

When your inner artist is looking for self-expression, these full-page illustrations will help to show yourself. In addition, they serve as monthly layout dividers and add a little bit of exclusivity to everyday content.

Taken from @bonjournal

There are just a few bullet journal monthly layout design options. And we a sure that you can find even more of them! Try everything that inspires you and helps to plan your day, week, or month correctly. And we wish you to plan successfully and achieve your goals every day.