10 Best Bullet Journal Ideas – How Bujo Helps to Organize Your Life

Bullet journal ideas are a really hot topic for people who love organization of their life and home.

I used to be a person who likes to try various gadgets and software that help me stay more focused and organized. But honestly, I didn’t find them making it easier for me. Technology can be helpful but can also be a frustrating waster of time when it fails and you need to figure out how to make it work properly.

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Every tool or gadget requires a learning curve, constant updates and improvements…  and instead of helping me focus on my goals, they just drive my attention away to discovering the new cool features. It can be fun but it doesn’t help me get organized 🙂

So I discovered that the old-style bullet journal notes are actually the best option, at least they work great for me. When I put something on a paper manually, it gets a proper visualization and doesn’t get lost in all the information noise we experience every day using our computers, smartphones and tablets.

Here are some of my latest discoveries I use a lot for my bullet journaling:

If having lack of focus and organization in general is your life story, then you should try starting a bullet journal as it helps so many people! Here are some proven benefits of bullet journaling:

  • By writing your plans and ideas on a paper, you make them more actionable and achievable. You visualize things better this way.
  • Organizing your stuff in a form of lists makes you keep track of what was done and see your achievements by the end of the day. If you constantly feel overwhelmed by how much you have to do every day, you definitely need to reward yourself by making it clear how much you have actually done!
  • If you simply love drawing, using beautiful pens and notebooks, bullet journaling will be also an unwinding activity for you.
  • If you just enjoy saving memories and writing about your everyday life to reflect on the events of the past later,  bullet journaling (also called bujo) could be a good start for you as well.

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Best Bullet Journal Ideas for Organization

Monthly Log Layout Ideas

Keep all you tasks and appointments for the future month in one place and never miss an important meeting!

Found here

Mental Health Help Guide

Bullet journaling is a great way for people who deal with depression or anxiety to record all the things that happen to them and to save some ideas how to help themselves on particularly bad days.

Found here

Future Goals Layout Bujo Ideas

Write down all your goals for the upcoming months.

Found here

Christmas Presents Spread

Sometimes ideas of Christmas gifts for your family and friends come to your head so much ahead of time! With this bullet journal for Christmas presents you don’t need to remember all the gift ideas you had for Christmas – you can plan and organize your gift buying in advance.

Found here

Cleaning Spread

Keeping a house clean doesn’t come naturally to everyone. This spread will help you plan your cleaning schedule and check what was done and what still needs your attention.

Found here

Birthday Bullet Journal Spread

Have you ever felt bad when your friend or even family member’s birthday was yesterday and you only checked Facebook for other stuff and noticed everyone else sent their wishes and you completely forgot about the day?

Unfortunately, that happened to me so many times, I moved so many times in my life and have friends in different parts of the world who I don’t talk to for years. But I really hate to forget their birthdays because at least once a year I want to tell them how much I appreciate them and the great times we had together.

This is a great bullet journal spread that helps me remember birthdays of all people that matter in my life month by month.

Found here

Bullet Journal Ideas for Better Sleep

Do you like tracking sleep to maintain a healthy balance in life? This is how you could organize your sleep tracker in a bullet journal.

Found here

Bullet Journal Savings Goal Spread

If you struggle with saving money, this bullet journal idea will motivate you to hit the goals you set.

Found here

Great Bullet Journal ideas if you'd like to get organized with your life in all aspects - saving money, sleep tracker, birthdays spread, cleaning schedule.

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