15 Unique And Gorgeous Wine Bottle Crafts For Decor

Do you have a bunch of expensive wine bottles stocked up in your home that you just can’t seem to throw away? If so, why not try to repurpose them and make something new out of those bottles? You can either make a simple decor or something functional out of a simple wine bottle! With that said, I have here 15 unique and gorgeous wine bottle crafts you can easily DIY! 

15. Decoupage Wine Bottle Christmas Craft

For 23 years, I absolutely hated wine. Whether it was the smell of it as a kid, or the taste as an adult. Buttttt……just as most said, I would- I have grown a love for some wines. You know, the white, fruity, sweet, and boozy varieties.

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14. How to Make a Wine Bottle Lamp

I am a big fan of the occasional glass of wine and I find myself wondering about how to reuse wine bottles. I especially love the cobalt blue wine bottles that my favorite Riesling comes in at the grocery store.

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13. Heart Wine Cork Craft For DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

This is a step-by-step tutorial for a wine cork craft that makes for beautiful DIY Valentine’s Day decor! This is a great project whether you are looking to decorate for Valentine’s Day or if you are looking to entertain the kids. If you do not collect wine corks many craft stores sell them in bulk.

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12. Easy DIY Wine Bottle Gift

This easy DIY wine bottle gift is nice and elegant and can be displayed almost anywhere in the home. You don’t always need to gift the most expensive bottle of wine, a nice bottle and a thoughtful DIY wine holder that you make yourself will be received very well.

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11. Glittered Wine Bottles Centerpieces

If you remember, I completely flipped out over engagemment party centerpieces. I couldn’t think of an idea and spent countless hours on Pinterest, pinning things in hopes one would catch my eye.

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10. How To Make DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torches And Solar Lights

Make DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torches and Solar Lights using leftover wine bottles and dollar store solar lights.

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9. Recycled Wine Bottle With Silver Leaves

This project shows you how to up-cycle or recycle a wine bottle into a decorative silver leaf-ed centerpiece.

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8. DIY Wine Bottle Tiki Torch

Learn how to make a wine bottle tiki torch in less than 10 minutes. Keep bugs at bay with one of these beautiful wine bottle crafts!

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7. Creative Things To Do With Glass Bottles – Upcycled Cacti Planter

What can you make with glass bottles? Today I am sharing two creative things to do with glass bottles. Why? Amazingly each household uses five hundred glass bottles per year with an average only one in six being recycled…

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6. Wedding Anniversary Party Ideas: Inexpensive DIY Decorations

When my parents were approaching their 40th wedding anniversary, my brother and I knew that they deserved to celebrate with a wedding anniversary party. If you can tell from my DIY ideas on this blog, I am not one to want to spend a ton of money on anything I can do myself…

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5. Polka Dot Wine Bottle Vases

If you love wine as much as I do, spare the judgment from the recycling truck and use those empty bottles to make these beautiful, polka dot wine bottle vases!

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4. DIY Macrame Wine Bottle Hanger

Wondering what to do with an empty wine bottle, besides recycle it? If you want to upcycle a wine bottle (or create a beautiful wine bottle holder for a gift), then you’ll love this easy DIY macrame wine bottle hanger.

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3. Upcycled Easy Wine Bottle Pumpkins

Grab those wine bottles out of the recycling bin and upcycle them into these adorable, yet simple Wine Bottle Pumpkins. You don’t have to be super crafty to make these Wine Bottle Pumpkins, they are done in just a few simple steps.

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2. Up-cycled Bottle – Christmas Song Sheet Decoration

This Christmas tutorial shows you how to take an upcycled Wine bottle or Whiskey bottle and create a handmade Christmas decoration.

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1. DIY: Twine-Wrapped Wine Bottle Centerpieces Tutorial

The trouble with making things is that it oftentimes looks like you made them. Which is fine and dandy for, say, a baby’s birthday party. But for a wedding? You need something you can make yourself that doesn’t look like you made it yourself.

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