Best Spring Break Ideas to Spend Time with Kids

Local spring break ideas for families 2021

Spring break is right around the corner and you must now think of ways to keep your kids entertained at home without watching the TV all day! Spring Break will involve more local activities. And what’s more local than within the vicinity of your own home? With that said, But I have here a list of the best fun crafts and activities your kids can do at home! 

  • Scavenger hunts. A classic and exciting game to do with your kids and even the whole family (of all ages!).
  • Living room picnic. Spread out your favorite blanket on your living room and lay out some snacks or favorite lunch items! 
  • Rock painting. Go out to your backyard and get some big rocks and paint them with your kids. You can decorate them with pictures, names, dates, shapes, and colors.
  • Forts. If you want something more exciting than a living room picnic, then go old school with pillows, blankets, and a large cardboard box! Cut out a door, a window, and decorate your own fort with paint and stickers. Don’t forget to stock up on books and snacks!
  • Puppet show. Create your own puppets with some craft supplies or even a few pairs of socks! 
  • Board games. A good and simple way to just sit down and hang out with the family. Think of the classics: Monopoly, Snake and Ladders, Chess, etc.
  • Bake. Teach your kids their way around the kitchen by making them help you bake! It can be as simple as cookies or muffins.
  • Fly a kite. Spring season has the best weather to go out your backyard and fly some kite! 
  • Read outdoors. Help turn your kids into book lovers! If you have a garden or a backyard, then you can go plan an afternoon reading picnic during spring break. 
  • Plant flowers. Spring time is the perfect time to start a garden! Take them to the nursery and let them choose some flowers for your spring garden. Grow memories with your children as you get dirty and teach the children about the flowers, vegetables, or herbs you’re planting together.

Spring break 2021 ideas 

With spring break fast approaching, it is important to still keep your kids entertained and keep them away from watching TV and being on their phones the whole day. Introduce them to crafts and DIY activities that can easily be done within your home. You can even learn new skills along with your kids! These activities can include knitting, quilting, pottery, and more! With that said, here are some more spring break ideas this 2021:

15. DIY Scented Sidewalk Chalk

Growing up, the majority of my playtime was spent outside – building forts in the woods, riding my bike, playing in the leaves, skating down at the creek, jumping rope and playing hopscotch and kick the can. There were no wireless electronics like there are today, and as a kid, outside was where we just felt, well, FREE.

Check it here.

14. Cute Beach Themed Snacks for All Your Summer Parties

Summer is almost here, which means you’re going to be looking for fun ways to entertain your kids when they’re out of school.

Check it here.

13. Ocean Water Drink for a Delicious Summer Float

Summer is in full swing here, which means it has been SO hot lately! We’ve been looking for ways to cool down from the summer heat. And one of my favorite treats on a hot day is ice cream! If you love ice cream, then you’re going to love this fun summer float idea made with a copycat Sonic Ocean Water drink!

Check it here.

12. Fun Feed the Shark Color Sorting Game

Summer is in full swing. And that means I’m always looking for fun new ways to entertain the kids with simple crafts for kids. I love coming up with activities that are fun and educational, which is why this cute shark color sorting game is perfect! It’s great for helping your toddler or preschooler grasp a variety of concepts, and have fun while they’re doing it!

Check it here.

11. DIY Felt Flower Crown Craft

This craft would also make a wonderful addition to a fairy birthday party. If you are planning for a fairy party, be sure to check out all of our Fairy Party ideas.

Check it here.

10. DIY Unicorn Banner Craft

We are back with another DIY project, and this time it is a Unicorn Banner. If you have been following this blog for a while now, then you surely know that my daughter is obsessed with these magical creatures (hence the blog name).

Check it here.

9. Paper Plate Rainbows – Easy Spring Craft for Kids

It is one of my favorite times of the month! Today is the Inspire My Creativity Link Party and our theme this month is spring. I know most of us are more than ready for spring after such crazy weather this winter. I decided to share our Paper Plate Rainbows today for our spring craft.

Check it here.

8. The Best Time to Find Sand Dollars

Sand dollars are some of the most interesting collectibles you can come back home with after a visit to the beach. The flat, circular shape and the star pattern at the top all make for a very unique keepsake.

Check it here.

7. Where to Find Sea Glass in Florida

Collecting sea glass is a fun activity that both children and adults enjoy. When you find a piece of sea glass, it is exciting to imagine how long it has been floating around the ocean and what the glass was once a part of. You can then use your newly-found sea glass to make jewelry or decorate your home.

Check it here.

6. “Bloom Where You Are Planted” Spring Printable

Add a little flower power to your spring decorating with some blooming wall art featuring the hand-lettered phrase “Bloom where you are Planted”.

Check it here.

5. Egg Carton Spring Flowers Kids Craft

While out and exploring our area, we talked about how we needed to do some nature crafts. So we came home and devised a fun way to make our own spring flowers craft using the stockpile of egg cartons we have.

Check it here.

4. Nature Hunt Bingo

Ahhh, the great outdoors in the summer. The fresh air, the beautiful sounds, the vibrant colors. When I was young, I would often sit on the steps of our back porch in silence, just taking it all in. Mother Nature is absolutely breath-taking, and now that I’m a parent, I want my children to experience it and appreciate it just as much as I do!

Check it here.

3. Cardboard Tube Bird Feeders – Fun & Easy Craft

The end of summer is closing in on us! Fortunately, we have done almost everything on our summer bucket list. One of our items was to make nature crafts. I have been wanting to do this bird feeder project for a few weeks now but just hadn’t gotten the supplies. It is so super easy and the kids had a blast making them!

Check it here.

2. Spring Scavenger Hunt For Kids

This FREE printable spring scavenger hunt for kids will help your child practice their observation skills and learn about the changing seasons! It’s a great way to entice your child outdoors and have some fun together.

Check it here.

1. Egg Carton Crafts Spring Bugs

We don’t need much of an excuse to craft in our house, but when something as significant as the season changing we use that to our advantage. Since the time my daughter started walking she has been chasing insects.

Check it here.

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