15 Thoughtful Sewing Gifts | Beginner Sewing Projects

The best gifts to give to your loved ones are those that are one-of-a-kind and handcrafted by you! Sure, you can buy some at the store, but nothing beats a thoughtful gift with a lot of effort put behind it. And one way to make a personalized gift is to sew! Don’t worry, I’m not talking about those very tough sewing projects. So, whether it be for a Christmas gift, birthday gift, or just a random day where you’re feeling generous, here are 15 thoughtful sewing gifts you can do which are perfect for beginners! 

15. DIY Corn Hole Bags

Fall is a time of cool days and evenings that a full of outdoor fun! We are going to show you how to make these DIY Corn Hole Bags!

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14. How To Make A Girl Doll – Free Doll Pattern

If you love hand-sewn projects, you’ll love what we are bringing you today! We are going to show you How To Make A Girl Doll With Free Doll Pattern! This easy hand-sewing project can be made in less than hour with supplies you may already have at home.

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13. DIY Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover With A Free Printable Pattern

In this fast and simple tutorial, you’ll learn how to make this DIY Cast Iron Skillet Handle Cover With A Free Printable Pattern. We all know that cooking with cast iron is awesome but that handle does get really really hot.

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12. Easy Sew Slouchy Tote Bag With Free Pattern

If you’ve followed my sewing journey here at HappiestCamper for long, you know I love bags! All the bags! Today, I’m going to show you this Easy Sew Slouchy Tote Bag With Free Pattern! Talk about roomy! This squared bottom slouchy bag is large enough to carry …well, everything!!

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11. Make Your Own Herb Pillow to Help You Sleep

Lots of herbs are calming and help to induce sleep, so I thought I would make us each an herb pillow to help us sleep when needed.

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10. How to Sew a Mug Cozy

Learn how to sew a mug cozy for the perfect fall accessory. Use quilting cotton for an easy beginner sewing project that makes a great handmade gift!

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9. Sew 4 Easy Bookmarks with a Free Pattern

Learn how to sew four easy bookmarks with a free sewing pattern. Use scraps of fabric for a quick beginner sewing project to encourage reading!

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8. How to Sew a Cute Makeup Bag Set

How to Sew a Cute Toiletry / Makeup Bag Travel Set. This set is easy to make and makes a great travel set for yourself… or as a gift!

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7. DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow

I’ve had the idea for this eyelash pillow for months and just never got around to making it because, well, my sons just aren’t into cute, girlie pillows. I met the perfect candidate a couple of months ago, though, a tween who will absolutely love getting this DIY Velvet Eyelash Pillow as a gift.

Check it here.

6. How to Sew a Scrunchie Like a Pro!

Learn how to sew a scrunchie like a pro with this easy to follow tutorial with pictures. A fun beginner sewing project that is great for kids and teens learning to sew!

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5. DIY TOTE Bag: Easy Sewing Tutorial

Are you tired of having 20 plastic grocery bags to throw away every time you go to the store? Plastic bags never biodegrade. They only breakdown. As they breakdown, they release toxins including flame retardants, antimicrobials, and plasticizers that are harmful to our environment. If you want a better way, this DIY tote bag is the perfect way to start minimizing plastic in the environment!

Check it here.

4. Easy 3-In-1 DIY Fashion Accessory | Band With Old Buttons And Jeans

I love to do something mesmeric and unusual with my old stuff. And this time, with old jeans and few old buttons. I tried a 3-IN-1 fashion accessory and made it in no time with some old stuff like…crochet button, sweater buttons, bracelet’s beads, and some old feathers.

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3. Make: A Simple DIY Crab Softie!

We’ve got a birthday in the house!! That’s right – this week we’re celebrating 2 things with one adorable DIY crab softie! As kids, my sister and I spent our summer vacations playing in the ocean on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. She lives on the other Coast now in California, and it just happens to be her birthday tomorrow, so in honor, I thought I’d make a cute little DIY crab softie for the family beach lover!

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2. DIY Sherpa Infinity Scarf Tutorial

Sherpa is a warm and fuzzy fabric that will keep you warm all winter. Follow this easy tutorial to sew a DIY Sherpa infinity scarf for yourself and your friends.

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1. Beyond Easy Flannel Baby Blanket How To

This is the easiest flannel baby blanket to sew. It’s a great project for beginners and makes the perfect baby shower gift! A simple yard of flannel fabric creates a soft and warm receiving blanket that your baby will love for years. Use it as a play mat as they grow. They may even choose it as their special blanket that goes everywhere baby goes.

Check it here.

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