15 Fun Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas

Do you have a child who dreams of becoming a mermaid? After all, who wouldn’t want to be a real-life Ariel? Why not make that fantasy a reality if your child’s birthday is approaching? After all, it is their special day. So, if you and your kids are obsessed with all things aquatic and under the sea, here are 15 fun mermaid birthday party ideas you can easily do!

15. Mermaid coloring pages: For adults and kids

We have new and fun printables designed not only for your kids, but for you too. We have a series of these articles where you can join your kids in colouring a more complicated version of their picture. This time, we have Mermaid coloring pages for you; again with an adult and kids version.

Check it here.

14. What’s Your Mermaid Name

We have a fun new printable for you today to get your kids having some mermaid fun. What’s your mermaid name, is a fun and free printable for you to download and have for when your kids are up for some imaginative role play. Whether they play on their own, amongst siblings, or with their friends this printable is a lot of fun.

Check it here.

13. Princess Ariel Paper Doll Craft

Disney fans are going to love this Paper Princess Ariel Paper Doll Craft! It is perfect for an afternoon craft session to pair with the Disney The Little Mermaid movie!

Check it here.

12. Toilet Paper Tube Mermaid Craft for Kids

Help your little mermaid have swimmingly good craft time with this fun toilet paper tube mermaid craft for kids.

Check it here.

11. How To Make Edible Playdough | Easy DIY Mermaid Edible Playdough Recipe No Cook

2 ingredient DIY edible playdough…mermaid playdough too! If you want an easy playdough recipe – this is the one for you and it smells amazing! This is an easy DIY edible play doh recipe that is also NO cook.

Check it here.

10. Mermaid Jello Shots

If you’ve ever dreamt of living near the sea, these Mermaid Jello Shots are the perfect way to get you closer to that dream! They are made with vodka, grape pucker schnapps and few other ingredients to make a one-of-a-kind adult-only treat!

Check it here.

9. Blue Mermaid Cocktail Recipe

A tropical delight, this mermaid themed cocktail recipe might also be referred to as mermaid water! If you are looking for a tasty and delightful summertime fun cocktail recipe, give this fabulous blue mermaid cocktail a try. Yum!

Check it here.

8. Homemade Seashell Bath Bombs

Relax and unwind your day with these wonderful Mermaid Seashell Bath Bombs that you can easily make at home.

Check it here.

7. How to Make Mermaid Slime

Mermaids are so mystical and magical – it’s no wonder kids love them so much! This easy to make mermaid slime is not only fun for your mermaid-loving child; it’s incorporates sensory play and is great for classroom or homeschool lessons about the ocean.

Check it here.

6. Mermaid Clothespin Clips

I used three Dilly Bean digital stamps for these deliciously cute mermaid designs. I colored the images with colored pencils and blended with mineral spirits. The images are laminated for stability and water resistance. They are attached to clothespins that I painted blue and then distressed with sand paper.

Check it here.

5. DIY Mermaid Tail Blanket

Sew a cute and cozy little mermaid tail for the little one who loves the sea! This mermaid tail pattern is free and easy to make!

Check it here.

4. Mermaid Toilet Paper Roll Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Mermaids are one of those mythical creatures that kids can’t get enough of! We love them just as much, so we created this mermaid toilet paper roll craft.

Check it here.

3. Mermaid Paper Bag Craft For Kids [Free Template]

Mermaid fans unite! There’s never too many mermaid crafts and activities to do, right? If you agree, you’ll want to make this easy mermaid paper bag craft with your kids.

Check it here.

2. Mermaid Cupcakes

Moist cupcakes decorated with fluffy buttercream and a mermaid tail. These mermaid cupcakes are gorgeous and easier than they look!

Check it here.

1. Disney Inspired Clam Shell Little Mermaid Cookies

Today on the blog we are sharing a tutorial for Disney Inspired Little Mermaid Clam Shells. The Little Mermaid is an all-time favourite of mine and this recipe is sure to be a hit at your next underwater themed party or Disney themed fun day. I hope you like this recipe. Enjoy!

Check it here.

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