Indoor Activities for Kids – What Can You Do with Kids at Home?

You may think that your options are few and limited when it comes to activities that you can do in the comfort of your own home but all you need is a few games and activities to keep them entertained! With that said, here are 15 fun indoor activities for kids and babies to do at home.

15. Construction Themed Sensory Bin with Mini Dump Trucks

Need something to add to your construction vehicle activities? Or just trying to keep a vehicle obsessed toddler or preschooler busy? Check out this fun, crazy low-prep sensory bin for transportation loving kids!

Check it here.

14. Racing Paper Caterpillar Game

One of my kids’ favorite books growing up was the classic Hungry Caterpillar. And what kids don’t like caterpillars? After all, they go through one of the most drastic transformations of all things alive to become a butterfly.

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13. How To Make Your Own Friendly Watercolor Monster Art With Kids

Do your children like painting with watercolors? Then try this friendly watercolor monster art project with them the next time it’s cold and rainy outside.

Check it here.

12. How To Grow Your Own Rainbow With Kids

Do you like rainbows? Then try this fun DIY rainbow project with your kids.I will show you how easy it is to grow your own rainbow. Let’s dive right in.

Check it here.

11. Simple & Fun Rocket Craft For Kids

A while ago, before the holiday season, we shared a few space activities for kids. We planned on sharing all the activities that week, but you guessed it, we got sidetracked by all the festivities!

Check it here.

10. 30 Easy & Fun Paper Bag Puppets

Paper bag puppets are some of the best crafts to make with young kids. They’re simple, cheap and so much fun to craft. All you need are some common craft supplies like paper, glue, and scissors.

Check it here.

9. DIY Marbled Nail Polish Mugs

Easy DIY marbled nail polish mugs make the perfect homemade gift! A simple craft done in a few minutes that looks like it took hours of work!

Check it here.

8. How to Make Rainbow Rice

Learn how to make rainbow rice with just a few simple ingredients! Rainbow rice is great for sensory play.

Check it here.

7. Easy Origami for Kids

I’m a big believer that origami can be accessible to all and that includes children. Origami doesn’t have to be complicated or need loads of patience.

Check it here.

6. Indoor Beach Themed Movie Day for Kids

It is HOT outside! Stay cool this summer and learn how to plan an indoor beach themed movie day for the kids!

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5. Ultimate Indoor Camping Guide With Activities Your Kids Will Love

Our family looks forward to going camping a few times every year. With what’s going on right now, we had to reschedule all but one trip. That got me thinking, why not have fun camping at home?

Check it here.

4. Easy Penguin Artwork for Kids

This Easy Penguin Artwork is actually a simple art activity we did during DIY Summer Camp. It’s also the perfect craft for winter too though.

Check it here.

3. Design T-Shirts with the Kids

Any light colored t-shirt will do. If you don’t have one at home, low cost t-shirts can also be found at dollar stores. Just ask the Grandparents which aisle they are in.

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2. Tinker Trays For Your Toddler

A tinker tray is a tray filled with loose parts or found objects. They are commonly used in the Reggio Emilia approach to learning. Tinker tray materials can be used for a variety of activities or art making projects. I love tinker trays because they promote open-ended art making, critical thinking and process over product.

Check it here.

1. Indoor Den-Building in 5 Easy Steps

I feel that indoor den-building is a key parental skill. I can absolutely guarantee that if I build one, there will be joy on my children’s faces when they find it, and then giggles and contentment for some time to come – a bonus for me and for them!

Check it here.

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