11 DIY Homemade Natural Lotions And Skin Moisturizers

There are many reasons why making your own lotions and skin moisturizers is better for you. First off, if you have sensitive skin or certain skin concerns, then you would want a lotion that has the best ingredients for your skin. Aside from this, you will never really know every ingredient included in a manufactured lotion, right? Aside from this, making your own lotions will greatly save you a lot of money! With that in mind, I have here 11 easy DIY homemade natural lotions and skin moisturizers you can easily do! 

11. Homemade Lavender Calendula Skin Balm Recipe

How to make homemade lavender calendula skin balm using only 5 natural ingredients.

Check it here.

10. DIY Gardener’s Hand Lotion

There are so many benefits to gardening–the fresh, healthy produce and beautiful flowers, of course. And then there’s the vitamin D from time spent outdoors, plus more health benefits than you might think. Gardening can be a terrific workout, boost your immune system, relieve stress, and even cut the risk of Alzheimer’s! So, if you’re not gardening, you might want to start.

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9. DIY Face Roller Moisturizer for Glowing Skin

During the Summer months I tend to have dryer skin. Now, that might be opposite of how you feel about your skin. I know a lot of people say their skin is dryer during winter months. My family spends a lot of time outdoors especially in the Summer and the sun really tends to make my skin pretty dry. That is why I have made some really great products with natural ingredients that hydrate my skin and help keep it soft. I love my DIY face roller to massage in moisture and I wanted to share the recipe today. This homemade roller is super easy to make leaves your skin refreshed and glowing!

Check it here.

8. All-Natural Lavender Bedtime Lotion DIY

What do I love more than sleep? Nothing. Except for the wonderful scent of lavender as I drift off into dreamytime. Today’s adventure is my first foray into making homemade lotions and potions. You can call it either lotion or body butter but it’s dual purpose is to heal your skin and provide aromatherapy during your restorative night’s sleep.

Check it here.

7. Lotion Bars Recipe with Essential Oil

My skin seems to need a little extra help with dryness from time to time. Using this lotion bars recipe to whip up a batch of lotion bars seems to do the trick.

Check it here.

6. How to Make a Soothing Balm for Dry Skin

A DIY recipe for how to make a soothing natural balm for dry winter skin that is cracked, sensitive, irritated, itchy or chapped.

Check it here.

5. Easy DIY Whipped Coconut Oil Lotion with Essential Oils

Is there anything that coconut oil can’t do? I don’t think so. It seems that this tropical gift from nature is good for everything from eating to cooking to cleaning and beauty products.

Check it here.

4. Tutorial: Homemade Whipped Body Butter

A homemade whipped body butter recipe made with shea butter and other natural ingredients.

Check it here.

3. Moisturizing Solid Lotion Bars

Solid lotion bars are fantastic for moisturizing dry skin. You can easily carry them in a purse or diaper bag without worrying about a mess.

Check it here.

2. DIY Moisturizing Makeup Remover

If you’re getting tired of having to go to the store and buy yourself some of this makeup remover, then you’re in luck! We have a special recipe here that won’t only help you take off your makeup, but it will keep your skin moisturized! How’s that for something you can make at home? With our special DIY Moisturizing Makeup Remover recipe below, making sure your skin stays healthy and moisturized while taking off your daily makeup won’t only be so much easier, but how much money do you spend on things you make at home versus what you buy in the store?

Check it here.

1. DIY Beauty Spa Kit: The Last Minute Christmas Gift Idea For The Skicare Addict

This beauty spa kit is so beautiful that you won’t help doing one for yourself too (I did haha)!

Check it here.

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