Home Decor Trends 2024 – Interior Trend Forecast

We remember the past year for very ambiguous interior trends. Contrasting patterns and prints, sculptural furniture, black and white carpets, concrete surfaces, and a bit of shine – that’s what occupied the minds of designers in 2024. Interior trend forecast suggests that we should replace the cool catchy palette and sharp clear silhouettes with neutral lightness, softness, an abundance of air and light,  and smooth lines.

If you want to slightly update your home this very year, you will have to pay attention not only to furniture and accessories but also to the color basis, because harmony is more important than ever in 2. And now we should get acquainted with 2024 interior trends.

Home cor Color Trends 2024

Calm, pleasing to the eye, and neutral tones play a key role in the color scheme. Let’s take a closer look at the colors that will paint your trendy interior this year.


Shades of beige continue to be the favorites of neutral for decades – the only thing that changes what is just the nuances. Marie-Chantal Milette, the Director of Agence Couleur Kryptonie offers to pay attention to the warm tones with a touch of yellow – such as French vanilla, cream, and light walnut.

Beige home decor trend

Taken from atthepicketfence.com


Designers have long ceased to carelessly treat la vie en rose, and today this gentle cheerful color remains in the center of attention not only in the glamorous but also in a minimalist interior. Take a look at the light shade and muted dusty tone called Millenial Rose – they are the most dizzying in the list of home color trends.

Pink interior design trend

Taken from French By Design

Aqua Mint

Weightless bluish-green shade embodies the magic of water and air at the same time. Mint shades calm, create an atmosphere of lightness and relaxation. If everyday stress is familiar to you, it’s time to add mint accents to the interior. By the way, psychologists say that this color even helps to lower blood pressure!

Aqua Mint home decor trend

Taken from Boligpluss

Navy Blue and Monaco Blue

Shades of blue are in the center of attention of fans of stylish interiors. Moreover, designers are encouraged to use them as a neutral or basic! Particular preference is given to the deep navy blue and mysterious Monaco Blue with light grayish hints. Such tones help to improve concentration and memory – and in the blue bedroom, your sleep will be pleasant and strong.

Navy Blue and Monaco Blue

Taken from Living Spaces


Designers still refuse to think of gray tones as of something boring. Moreover, they are constantly finding new shades that create a stylish aura and cozy atmosphere. Most attention in spring-summer 2024 interior trends was paid to cool shades- such as gray-green, gray with a touch of lilac, and the color of pebbles. Besides, it is clay shade that became the new black of the season. Using fashionable gray scale in the interior, you can draw attention to architectural and textured details and play with accents.


Taken from Alvhem

Delicate orange

We love orange for its ability to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. This cozy soft shade is the best for your dining and living room. Orange is especially friendly to natural textures, including wood and leather.

Delicate orange

Taken from Adore Home Magazine

Tonal Reds

Colorful and fascinating red tones become the brightest representatives of the warm palette in a series of cool and neutral shades of 2024. Use them for expressive contrasting accents, set the space rhythm, or create a cozy and inviting atmosphere.

Tonal Reds

Taken from Living Room Design Inspiration

2024 Interior Design Trends

If you look deeper, new home décor trends are in many ways close to last year’s tendencies. You do not need to change the interior radically, because a few trendy accents are enough for your house to get a fresh, stylish, and up-to-date look.

Brass and copper accents

Noble warm shades of metals add luxury to classic interiors and look glamorous and lively in a simple setting. Feel free to try not only accessories made of copper and brass, but also shelves, lamps, candlesticks, chandeliers, and even taps and baths.

Brass and copper accents

Taken from Homepolish

Velvet Sofas and Armchairs

Last year, the furnishing of velvet and corduroy was considered to be old-fashioned and somewhat clumsy. Today, there is a radical change of this point: the soft and a little bit fluffy texture catches the eye and impressions with its sophisticated warmth. The furniture trends proclaim velvet and corduroy sofas, armchairs, stools, and banquettes the cornerstone of the most fashionable furnishing.

Velvet Sofas and Armchairs

Taken from Rose&Grey

Wooden Motives and Accents

Light wood is one of the most stable and bright trends. Particular attention this season is focused on the timber of honey shades, including cherry and oak, which have unique aesthetic properties and create an elegant look. However, the real revolution of 2024 is the black carbonized wood that looks mysterious and unusually stylish.

Wooden Motives and Accents

Taken from Bloglovin’

Airy Curtains

If you want to decorate windows in a trendy way, choose curtains made of thin, transparent and translucent fabrics of bright and fresh colors. You do not need to create complex structures and lambrequins – let them fall down with free light folds. Cotton veil, thin linen, tulle, and organza seem to be the most sensual options.

Airy Curtains

Taken from Interior Design for Less

Wabi Sabi

Wabi Sabi is a Japanese philosophy, which is to find beauty in imperfection. This design looks fascinating on a neutral background. Do not spare time to search for things with signs of wear, decay, aging, or rust. Enjoy the atmosphere of contemplation, meditation, and a special, unique aura.

Wabi Sabi

Taken from Daily Dream Decor

Macrame and Fiber

Simplicity, accessibility, and practicality are the key trends in interior design. Accessories made of fiber and macrame fit into this concept in a proper way. They are able to emphasize the meaning of creativity and the value of handmade things, and the nostalgic unique atmosphere created by art objects and furniture made of macramé seem to be a very strong argument. Moreover, a number of designers offer to use more artisan fixtures to personalize your home and focus on the natural world.

Macrame and Fiber

Taken from My Scandinavian Home

Carpet Combinations

A carpet is just what you need for a stylish contemporary decoration of your living room or dining room. In 2024, designers offered an interesting combination of a neutral carpet of jute or sisal as a base and a patterned one as a top.  If you want to repeat this experience in the bedroom, try the furry little rug on top of a monochrome base made of jute.

Carpet Combinations

Taken from indecortrends.com

Floral Prints

Perhaps it is difficult to remember the season where floral patterns in the interior were out of work. While studying interior design trends 2024, you can notice that these elegant and inspiring motives have penetrated there as well. This year, designers offer a new vision of this idea that seems so familiar. Larger proportions and contrasting colors are just what you need. Floral prints can decorate walls on both wallpaper and mural but the best way to integrate them into a trendy interior is textiles – such as carpets, curtains, or furniture upholstery.

Floral Prints

Taken from Bloglovin’

Vintage Lightings

Everything new is still well forgotten old and if you want to create a unique design, vintage lamps must be in your decorating list. The most relevant options for 2024 attract attention with subdued light, colored and matte glass, copper and brass trim, and crystal pendants. It’s nice that they can be used both in unison with the style and as a contrast.

Vintage Lightings

Taken from Design Pinn

Spring Summer 2024 Interior Trends

So, we’ve learned more about decor, textiles, and furniture that will help you create a spectacular interior according to home trends 2024. But what about interior styles? If you decide to start a grand renovation or re-decoration of your home or apartment in the nearest future, the designers have a lot of news for those who want to live in a stylish environment. So, let’s take a closer look at the hottest styles for spring and summer 2019.


This is an immortal trend in design, which is revised anew every decade and even year. In 2019, the classic style becomes easier and more gentle thanks to the beige and coffee palette, clean lines, laconic shapes, and elegant lamps.

Classic home decor

Taken from BGD&C Homes


Modern as a style originated in the early 20th century, and during this time, modestly and unobtrusively, took a stable position in the ranking of the most popular styles. The modern of 2019 are well-calibrated lines and geometry, smooth texture, functionality, and perfect proportions.

Modern home decor

Taken from Etsy

Mid-Century Modern

The key feature of this style is in considering the space of the room not only as a functional container but also as the ability to express your own individuality. Open planning, wooden floors and racks, natural and artificial leather, large catchy accessories like Venetian mirrors create a sense of natural, slightly vintage comfort. Don’t forget the warm color palette including shades of brown, yellow, and muted orange.

Mid-Century Modern

Taken from moderndiningtables.net


In 2024, the minimalism is still concise and rigorous. We mean hidden storage systems, concrete accents, lots of natural lighting, and a complete lack of accessories.

Minimalist interior trend

Taken from Elonahome.com


One of the easiest, relaxed, and cozy styles, Scandinavian remains among our favorites for the last 5 years. Tending to the Scandy this season give preference to the black and white palette, unobtrusive ornaments, and organic materials. Choose smooth and rounded lines to give more comfort.

Scandinavian home decor trend

Taken from My Scandinavian Home

Shabby Chic

This is a style which can be characterized in one word – “charming.” Airy and light spaces, elegant simple furniture, natural linen and cotton, a lot of floral prints and charming trinkets create a romantic mood for all the inhabitants of the house.

Shabby Chic home decor trend

Taken from Shabby Landhaus


Not everything that is old is vintage-remember this when decorating the interior of this kind. In 2024, you should pay more attention to light and neutral tones, elegant wicker and ceramic accessories, and painted wood with the effect of aging.

Vintage Interior trend

Taken from Homeminify

Art Deco

An impeccable art deco interior is stunning with its verified luxury which is formed by unusual sensual details on a geometrically clear and symmetrical background. Dark wood, leather, zebra print, and exclusive lights will be your guidelines for 2024.

Art Deco. This is home decor and interior trends forecast for 2019 for the best colors, furniture design, wall decoration and flooring most popular styles this year!

Taken from Art Deco Interiors


The concept of “machine for living” is embodied in an amazing combination of columns, flanges, beams, pipes, and ducts. A little rough, a little shabby, and slightly unsophisticated, industrial style attracts with its unexpected, somehow even paradox comfort. Perhaps it’s all about wooden accents and an abundance of light and air.

This is home decor and interior trends forecast for 2019 for the best colors, furniture design, wall decoration and flooring most popular styles this year!

Taken from bradsknutson.com

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