15 Fun Crafts And Activities For The Whole Family

Do you and your family spend most of your time indoors? Maybe it’s still your children’s school vacation and you are looking for ways on how to keep them entertained. Take this opportunity to do activities together with your kids! Sure, you can just sit on the couch and watch movies all day, but how about doing something productive and even educational instead?

With that in mind, I have here 15 fun crafts and activities for the whole family to enjoy! 

15. Best Cooperative Board Games For Families

In my opinion cooperative board games are the best board games to play as a family (notice I didn’t say ONLY!). Below are the Best Cooperative Board Games for Kids, organized by age so you can find the perfect ones to bring to your table!

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14.  9 Family Card Games Like Uno

Games like Uno have been family favourites for ages, combining simple-to-learn directions with and entertaining concept. However, playing Uno over and over again can get to be incredibly monotonous and boring, so if you’re looking to mix up your family game nights, then you’re likely looking for more card games similar to Uno.

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13. How To Make Sponge Balls For Water Play This Summer!

Summer has arrived and it is fun to get outdoors for summer family activities but the heat is here! One of the things that my kids love to do in the summer to cool off is play with water!

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12. Kids Outside Activitie: Plastic Bottle Bowling

Now that the weather is getting better and your sending the kids outside to play and get fresh air, are you looking for things for them to do? How about a fun game of bowling? No I don’t mean taking them to a bowling alley. Not only can it be pricey to do that, it is not spending time outside.

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11. Treasure Map Coding Activity for Kids

Today I’m sharing a twist on a simple hide and seek game you can play at home. This Treasure Map Coding Activity could keep my boys busy for HOURS. Add in the fact that it is almost 100% teaching kids coding, and I’m a happy mama!

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10.  200 + Clean Never Have I Ever Questions

These Clean Never Have I Ever Questions are the best ice breakers for any party or gathering. Whether you’re playing with two people or twenty, these good Never Have I Ever Questions will keep things fun, interesting, and entertaining!

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9. Mancala Rules: Make Your Own Board Game and Learn To Play!

In today’s post, you’re going to learn Mancala Rules and how to make your own Mancala board at home, using just a few simple materials!

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8. Easy DIY No-Sew Scrunchie

I love having long hair, but I needed some scrunchies – and I have a lot of scrap fabric. Today, I’m going to show you this Easy DIY No-Sew Scrunchie! I love making no-sew projects, they’re usually so fast and fun.

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7. How to Make a No-Sew Sailor’s Knot Headband

The weather is changing and I’ve been spending a lot of time outdoors, so I decided to make a no-sew sailor’s knot headband from an upcycled t-shirt. Now, I could have gone with just a strip of t-shirt to wrap around my head, but that seemed too boring, too uninspired. Nope, I wanted something with flair and pizzaz…for when I’m gardening.

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6. How to Make a No-Sew T-Shirt Bag

I am going to show you how to make a no-sew t-shirt bag. This is a simple project that can be completed in 10 minutes or less. You can choose to make it with hanging tassels or a streamline tote bag.

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5.  400 Who’s Most Likely To Questions + Printable Cards!

In our home we are always looking for fun games to play, sure we love board games, but we also love games that we can sit around and laugh with one another.

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4. Giants, Wizards, Elves Outdoor Game Instructions

Have you ever played Giants, Wizards, and Elves? It’s a fun outdoor game that also doubles as a homeschool p.e. game for elementary students all the way up to adults.

Check it here.

3.  15+ Memory-Making Springtime Family Activities to Celebrate Spring!

Look no further for ideas – we’ve got over 15 of the best spring activities for families, from games to crafts to nature-inspired moments!

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2. How to Make Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic

If you want a fun and creative activity for you and your kids, you need to make this Sidewalk Chalk Mosaic! You only need two things to make it – and it’s a blast!

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1. Geocaching For Kids – How To Get Started!

I recommend geocaching for kids and families all the time – it is free, easy, fun, appropriate for all ages, and outdoors! People across the world set up hidden treasure “caches” and then upload the coordinates so that other people can find them.

Check it here.

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