25 Christmas Gifts Ideas Under $10

Some of the helpful resources are affiliate links. Full disclosure here. FOR YOUR PARENTS Kitty Wine Glass Markers: $10 Scarf Hanger: $8.05  Clear Soft-Flex iPhone 6 Case: $9.99 Wooden Eyewear Holder: $6.75 FOR YOUR KIDS Christmas Letters from Santa: from $14.00 Caterpillar Construction Mini Machine: $11.95 Volcano Making Kit: $9.17 Bingo – Take ‘N’ Play Anywhere Game: …

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5 Easter Decorations – Easter Eggs Ideas for 2021!

1. DECORATING EASTER EGGS AS CHICKS Source: Itallstartedwithpaint 2. MARBLEIZED EASTER EGGS BY HAPPYHOOLIGANS Source: Happyholigans 3. NATURALLY DYED EGGS OF ALL COLORS Source:  Yourhomebasedmom 4. EASTER EGGS MADE OF COLORFUL GELATIN Source: Spendwithpennies 5. DECOUPAGE EASTER EGGS WITH FLORAL NAPKINS Source: Craft & Creativity Save this PIN to your Easter board on Pinterest.

12 No Carve Pumpking Decorating Ideas for Halloween and Thanksgiving

A pumpkin is a great Halloween, Thanksgiving or just fall décor base. You may turn this orange and charming vegetable into something elegant, original and funny using a conventional knife only. However, the other side of the medal is not so attractive – there is a mess, and the time spent, and spoiled vegetables, and …

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50 DIY Halloween Costumes Ideas

Do you have any time to invent DIY Halloween Costumes? I don’t, really… there are so many things I have to accomplish on a daily basis – working full time, keeping the home clean and organized, working on my blog, etc.  I simply can’t think of anything creative just for entertainment. But how boring would …

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DIY Halloween Decorations

It’s not much time left for the most fun and exciting holiday, are you ready for Halloween? The outdoor decorations, as well as Halloween home decor, create a special mood with all the scary skeletons, bats, spiders and nets, pumpkins and lights. If you are going to have a nice party with friends or family, …

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