11 Recipes with Greek Feta

11. Marinated Feta

I love this Marinated Feta recipe. For me, it is the perfect example of how by adding a few flavouring elements – garlic, chilli and fresh herbs – you can transform simple feta cheese into a truly memorable dish. It is so easy to make and it keeps for up to a month in the refridgerator. This is food preparation that anyone can do. It does not require any level of culinary skill but allows you to be creative with flavours and produce something that is tailored to your individual taste. Marinated Feta is also really versatile and is great as a nibble with drinks or on bread as a light lunch. It is also excellent for picnics as it can be transported easily in its own jar.

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10. Spinach Salad With Feta Cheese And Apple

This spinach feta salad with apple and honey mustard dressing is the perfect summer salad. This spinach salad is delicious as a quick lunch or as a side at a BBQ.

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9. Spicy Baked Feta (Mpougiourdi)

This Spicy Baked Feta is based on the classic Greek dish Mpougiourdi — it’s made with feta, cherry tomatoes, green chili peppers, oregano and olive oil. Serve it with crusty bread or crackers for dipping!

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8. Classic Greek Salad (Horiatiki)

A simple recipe for a classic Greek salad (horiatiki) made with tomatoes, olives, feta cheese, cucumber, and onion. This salad is the perfect addition to any Greek meal and can be on your table in less than 10 minutes!

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7. Baked Feta Pasta (Oven, Instant Pot)

TikTok’s popular baked feta pasta is perfect for a quick and easy weeknight vegetarian meal! Made with just a handful of ingredients, this baked feta pasta is so creamy and flavorful. Make it once, and you’ll keep making it over and over again!

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6. Beet Salad with Avocado and Feta

This beet salad is full of red and yellow beets, avocado, feta cheese and pecans, all tossed with greens in a homemade balsamic dressing. An easy and beautiful salad that’s perfect for the winter and fall months.

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5. Mediterranean Cucumber Salad

A super simple and easy to make Mediterranean Cucumber Salad that is packed with cucumber, olives, onion, bell pepper, chickpeas, fresh herbs and an utterly delicious homemade dressing! Gluten-free and vegan.

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4. The Best Baked Feta Recipe

Feast on the bold flavors of the Mediterranean with this rich and creamy baked feta. Feta cheese combined with Kalamata olives, fresh herbs, and olive oil – this will surely be the best baked feta recipe you’ll ever try. This baked feta is so flavorful that you’ll feel tempted to eat it on its own.

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3. Farro Salad with Feta

This farro salad is a fresh and colorful blend of grains, vegetables, olives, feta cheese and herbs, all tossed in a homemade dressing. An easy and unusual salad that’s healthy and can be made in advance.

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2. Feta Dip

This Feta Dip is something that you can make in minutes and serve immediately for guests. I love to toast up some Naan bread in the oven with olive oil and a sprinkle of salt for dipping! You can also use Pita Chips, crackers, crusty bread, or vegetables!

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1. Grilled Corn & Zucchini Salad with Feta

Delicious char grilled veggies with feta cheese make this grilled corn and zucchini salad the perfect summer barbeque or potluck side dish.

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